Zaritsky Artists House
A non profit organization whose objective is helping artist and taking care of their professional and social needs.
 Zemack Contemporary Art
Zemack Contemporary Art (ZCA) aims to deliver a fresh perspective on contemporary art, created by established and emerging Israeli and international artists.
 Artspace Tel Aviv
Art lovers and the professional art community can use ArtSpace Tel Aviv to broaden and enrich their access to local artists. Likewise, ArtSpace provides an accessible and useful starting point for those who wish to explore the vibrant art scene of Kiryat Ha’Melacha.
 Rothschild Fine Art
The gallery is exhibiting leading contemporary Israeli artists and hosting some leading international artists.
 Kirot Medabrim
An art gallery presenting works suitable for private purchase - prints and original works.
 The GH Art Gallery
The GH Art Gallery is a lab space for asking big questions, creating collaborations and curating exhibitions that reflect topics in our diverse complex society.
 Dan Gallery
Featuring contemporary and classic Israeli art
 Trumpeldor Gallery
Gallery Trumpeldor: Art Center" is an exhibition space.
The gallery is located in the Old City and operates under the management of the Arts Department at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
The gallery is a non-profit center that aims to promote and create exhibitions, artistic activities and culture.
 Arsoof Gallery
Gallery of contemporary art, showing works by artists of national importance, and represents and supports promising artists in their professional artistic way.
 Umm El-Fahem Art Gallery
The founders of the gallery wanted to bring quality contemporary art to the city of Umm El-Fahem and its population and to exhibit original Arab and Palestinian art.With a lack of other art galleries in the Arab sector in Israel, the gallery has become an important social and cultural meeting place.
 Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center
Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center promotes ceramic art and design in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity for professional artists as well as the general public.
P8 Gallery was established in 2008 as a cooperative gallery.
The power of synergy is at the heart of the group's approach, stimulating it to advance and progress within the artistic sphere, utilizing personal resources as curating, production and promotion collaboratively.
 Ermanno Tedeschi gallery
Founded by the italian gallerist Ermanno Tedeschi. The gallery aim's at creating a bridgh between the italian/european artseen and the israeli one
The Center for Contemporary Art was founded in 1998 to promote time-based and contemporary artistic practices in Israel.
 The Israeli Center for Digital Art
The Israeli Center for Digital Art is a dynamic platform for thinking, researching, producing, presenting, and analyzing contemporary art, as well as providing a meeting point for exchange between contemporary artists, curators, critics and the public.
 Gordon Gallery
Gordon Gallery is known for its collection of fine Israeli art, one of the largest collections of its kind, as well as for representing today's leading Israeli artists and several important estates.
 Givon Gallery
The gallery was founded in 1974 and serves as a platform for contemporary Israeli art. The gallery mainly represents leading Israeli artists who worked in the 1980s
Focuses on exposure and promoting artists in the virtual space using virtual exhibitions
 Collection Auction House
The Collection Auction House serves as a public auction house of antiques and fine art in Israel. In addition the Collection Auction House serves as a platform for artists and collectors that wish to display their pieces.
 Sissman gallery
Specialize in Israeli art, Jewish painters from Ecole de Paris and International Modern/ Classic Artists
 Rosenfeld Gallery
The gallery, Founded by Eliezer Rosenfeld in 1952, is focusing increasingly on contemporary art and on spotting new talent.
 Alon Segev Gallery
Alon Segev Gallery is showing and promoting the work of young along side with well-established contemporary Israeli artists
 Engel Gallery
Engel Gallery was founded in 1955 in Jerusalem. Subsequently the gallery expanded to two additional sites in Israel and in US.
The Tel-Aviv Gallery is displaying works of young Israeli artists
 Alfred Gallery
An art collective of 12 artists. The gallery was established in order to provide the artists indipendance and freedom, enlarge the fringes of the art scene and open it to the people
 Performance Art Platform
A home for all performance artists in Israel.
The Performance Art Platform puts on original productions and continues to exhibit the works of Tamar Raban- an uncompromising and noncommercial art.
a multi-purpose gallery that brings together people and different kinds of art: ancient and modern art, original art and designing.

 Hezi Cohen Gallery
Hezi Cohen Gallery permanent collection includes high quality works of established israelis and international artiest.
The gallery updated contemporary art exhibitions
 Stern Gallery
Stern Gallery is one of the first art galleries established in Tel-Aviv in the 1960’s. From the beginning the Gallery specialized in the more established names of Israeli and international Jewish art
 Expressions Gallery
The gallery presents contemporary Israeli artists works from fields such as, sculpture, painting and photography. The gallery specializes in sculptures and has presented two major Israeli artists' works (Tolla Inbar and Niso Maman) for the first time in Israel.

 office in tel aviv gallery
“Office in Tel Aviv” is a curatorial office concurrently functioning as an alternative space for interdisciplinary art.
 jerusalem print workshop
The Jerusalem Print Workshop, a non-profit organization founded in 1974, is an art center dedicated to the advancement of printmaking in Israel
 Gina gallery
Gallery of International Naïve Art deals in the procurement and sale of naïve art from all over the world
 Noga gallery
contemporary art gallery, exhibiting artists from Israel and abroad.
 Dvir gallery
Specializing in contemporary art - exhibiting, promoting and representing Israeli artists in and outside of Israel
 Chelouche gallery
Represents young and emerging as well as established contemporary artists, and participates in international art fairs
 Sommer gallery
A gallery, dedicated for the promotion of Israeli artist in the international art scene and introducing international contemporary artist to the Israeli public
Founded by the Kibbutz Movement Federation in the 60's. Exposing young artists and experiments, to advance peripheral artists possessing exceptional qualities.
 Tal Gallery
Performs in cooperation with the Kfar Vradim Artists Forum, representing about fifty local artists living and creating in Kfar Vradim.
 The Jerusalem Artists House
Displays group exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, joint presentations between Israeli and international artists, as well as a variety of other activities.
 Yair Gallery
The gallery, with its intimate atmosphere, is a showcase for new Israeli artists and also some quality artists who have been pushed aside from the main-stream of the Israeli art world
Art Gallery in kibbutz Yad Mordekhay
 KAV 16
Kav 16 Community Gallery For Contemporary Art was founded in 1998 as an initiative of Irit Segoli and Yonit Stern.
 Light House
Art, Design & Architecture gallery