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 Gideon Shani
Artist, painter and sculptor. Painting in a realistic style, especially in oil paints. Focuses mainly on the landscapes of the south of Israel.
 Niva Harsgor Hendin
The myth of Garden of Eden is a key motif in the work of Niva Harsgor Nadin . The artist parallels the biblical story as it was phrased and articulated in the western art with the Israeli public and individual mundane
 Arik Ventura
His works are "imaginary stories" influenced by landscapes of the Land of Israel and parallel naïve art/children's paintings. Works in mixed media on canvas or on wood.
 Cheryl Klein
Whether it’s a landscape around the world, people in a cafe, flowers in a garden or a portrait, Cheryl paints what moves her. Focusing on oil paints, she paints both en plein air and in her studio in Tel Aviv.
 Sahar Matana
The heart is the main theme of the Sahar Matana As well as an aspiration for balancing and emanating the ego from his childhood. Through the work - oil on canvas, ink on plywood and graffiti - Sahar tries to break conventions and let the human experience connect to creation.
 Drorit Amitai Dror
Drorit Amitai-Dror, an Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Her works range from semi-figurative to abstraction and describe mood, imaginary reality, thoughts and memories.
 Katia Arbetov
Katya creates abstract paintings, rich in color and movement. "I am fascinated by the immediacy that acrylic paints provide. It allows me to capture the movement of the inner soul, here and now, on the canvas, creating imaginative worlds where feelings and sensations are reflected in color and shape on the canvas."
 Liora Ganor
Abstract painting. Appearing,disappearing, covering, uncovering, and a mystery created in between.
 Varda Yatom
Innovative ceramic sculptures. Sculptures which combine the ancient with the new, as well as a unique approach to the material being used. The sculptures form new connections between the ceramic matter and other materials, a new and different outcome is created.
 Zohar Flax
Flax paints the urban and natural Israeli landscape in a figurative fashion. Her compositions describe a soft stillness, a perspective that stretches out to the horizon. They make us feel as if time has stopped in order for us to appreciate the beauty of everyday life.
 Sima levin
A multidisciplinary artist dealing with realistic painting and drawing, etching, porcelain sculpture and installations in various materials: paper, glass and metal Sima's works are connected to the consciousness of collective time and the space of personal memory. Above the fractions of reality represented in her work there is a whole world of fantasy and imagination.
 Daniella Meller
A multidisciplinary artist, her work reflects the influence of her surroundings, the Negev


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 Artspace Tel Aviv /
A couples exhibition about relationships, nature, real and imitations, love and fetish.
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 Artspace Tel Aviv /
The exhibition presents works that have been created in the last three months in response to closure and deal with moods, epidemics, loneliness, exposure, camilla and hope.
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 Rosenfeld Gallery /
Major cities in the world seem to be constantly engrossed in rebuilding. Condina seeks to draw attention to the upheaval, a historic moment that has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness change as it happens.
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 גלריה B. Y5 / Leaves don
Hello and happy to update on your return to routine. Ruth Samaroni's exhibition will continue until the end of May. The beginning of the exhibition before us - the traditional handicrafts and raw materials, and the end of a work in a studio that celebrates the flu of nature's beauty. Curator: Cherry Faran
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 Zemack Contemporary Art / GROUP SHOW - DIVOC 91
91-DIVOC, is Zemack Contemporary Art?s first step towards reversing the course of this pandemic and returning art to the public. Three-dimensional photography, augmented reality and Zoom experiences played and will continue to play a key role in our ?new? world order, but the public is ready to revert back from the virtual to the physical art space.
 גלריה רו-ארט  / Hop on the Shuttle 
Shuttle is an artist escort project at the beginning. The project expresses the gallery's continued commitment to young artists, as well, in light of their established field of artists working with the Mehvada Gallery. Shuttle's first class includes Ido Gordon, David Dubashny, Dana Tenhauser, Yoav Fish, Noga Farhi and Mia Perry.
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