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 Arik Ventura
His works are "imaginary stories" influenced by landscapes of the Land of Israel and parallel naïve art/children's paintings. Works in mixed media on canvas or on wood.
 Nurit Gur-Lavy (Karni)
An artist, (a graduate of the Midrasha and the Hebrew university). Nurit Draws her immediate vicinity and refers to issues in the public and local domain. Her painting range from realistic and expressive, to lyrical and concise.
 Igal Ram
Igal Ram, born 1974 in Israel, Igal draw and sketch on and off roughly since I was 5, but have taken up painting only recently. Most of his latest works are outdoors ("en pleinair"), with pastels or oils, featuring the light, the people and the landscapes of Tel Aviv, where he lives
 Mirit Chervinski
Abstract paintings and drawings using paper and collage made out of variety of sources such as threads, yarn and reproductions of still life paintings. The painting process combines different techniques and takes place on the continuum between spontaneity and planning.
 Gila Stein
Creates in various fields of art – Sculpture, Photography, Painting and Engraving. Her art is exhibited in galleries and private collections all over the world. Her work unfolds through a range of human emotions
 Naomi Mendel
Mendel's practice is driven by her encounters with nature in processed form. As a continuation of the 18th Century Vanitas paintings, the artist paints everyday objects from her own contemporary time.
  Avivit Ballas Baranes
artist - painting, drawing, installation and writing. Deals with the relationships between culture and the history of the place, language and personal identity.
 Tzipi Biran
Zafi Biran sculpts in stone, bronze and resin casting. The creations express faces in feminine existence, in partnership, dance, relationships and movement
 Ghenadie Sont
Paintings are characterized by "Ella Prima" style and contemporary realism. Gennady creates a collection of paintings based on stories dealing with identity issues.
 Yoel Levy
Yoel Levy creates B/W photographs. Among his subjects: portraits, urban landscapes, street music performers; all reveled in their most beautiful moment of expression.


Featured Exhibitions

 מגדל פרישמן  /
The exhibition will present about 25 large abstract works that have been painted mainly recently (some of the paintings were specially painted for the exhibition) and they reflect, moments of life, external and internal landscapes ...
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 Rothschild Fine Art / Illuminated - Ran Tenenbaum
The exhibition will feature a series of portraits of humans and trees from the past six years. The series is characterized by a return to the basis of imaginative thought, when the single figurine, whether it is a tree or a human being, is the thematic atomic unit of the painting. The resulting divisions deal with the abstract values of the medium. If the human lag is the undisputed subject of the history of art, the tree was almost always there beside it, like a shadow figure in the background.
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 Artspace Tel Aviv /
Group Exhibition
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 גלריית מגדל W / Such a life
The artist's observation of the environment creates identification with human situations that she conveys to clay, through which she tries to convey the emotions that accompany changing situations of life. Her sculptures were born from her clients' life stories. Many stories evoke her emotionally. She listens to the client's pain as well as to her joy. She returns to her studio filled with emotion and begins to sculpt
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 גלריית בית סילבר / hand in hand
The hand-in-hand exhibition was chosen by works of two different artists who combine colorfulness that expresses dynamism, satiety and aesthetics, and on the other hand, the pastoral silence when beauty exists and balances the duality in works. The magical part of the work, in which dreams and illusions reign, the storms of the heart express and break through the energy that ignites their instinct. Color produces joy and is mixed with one big celebration.
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 סטודיו שוקי קוק, סדנה, גלריה / Apocalyptic Aesthetics
An internal deliberation of a mature creative artist whose life is motivated by an aspiration to do Good.
The colorful experience where the latent often overshadows the apparent, conceals or reveals the significance of the idea that had originally motivated the process. Combined, these elements guarantee the onlooker of a unique experience where question marks are just as significant as exclamation marks.
 Rosenfeld Gallery / Rumors of Winter
The exhibition "Rumors about Winter" is Boaz Noy's second exhibition at the Rosenfeld Gallery. Boaz Noy's paintings from the past few years are gathered in this exhibition as rumor, that is messages, and these are messages about landscapes, cities, streets, daylight and night lights, and the reciprocal elements of the world that many possess.
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The group of artists who gathered together to exhibit in the "Hachashmaliya" gallery on Kibbutz Sde Nehemia in the Upper Galilee is a partner in the idea promoted by the Three Rivers Association. A non-profit organization whose goal is to support and promote young Israeli artists in Israel and abroad and to put the periphery on the cultural map as an integral part - if not a breakthrough in the artistic discourse.
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