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 Arik Ventura
His works are "imaginary stories" influenced by landscapes of the Land of Israel and parallel naïve art/children's paintings. Works in mixed media on canvas or on wood.
 Katia Arbetov
Katya creates abstract paintings, rich in color and movement. "I am fascinated by the immediacy that acrylic paints provide. It allows me to capture the movement of the inner soul, here and now, on the canvas, creating imaginative worlds where feelings and sensations are reflected in color and shape on the canvas."
 Igal Ram
Igal Ram, born 1974 in Israel, Igal draw and sketch on and off roughly since I was 5, but have taken up painting only recently. Most of his latest works are outdoors ("en pleinair"), with pastels or oils, featuring the light, the people and the landscapes of Tel Aviv, where he lives
 Naomi Mendel
Mendel's practice is driven by her encounters with nature in processed form. As a continuation of the 18th Century Vanitas paintings, the artist paints everyday objects from her own contemporary time.
 Aya Chowers
Through my art and paintings, a rich inner world of unlimited emotions and feelings is expressed. Motion and unrest are evident, hinting at a process of being lost and found again, manifesting in colors and complex abstraction. The spectator is invited to join me in a journey of survival and hope.
 Sigal Yaron
art and design in papier mache, creates a variety of figures, furnitures, bowls and masks.
 Michal Avrech
Painter and Art Therapist. Uses Acrylic on canvas to create large, dynamic and expressive paintings – usually of Israeli landscapes.
 Amnon David Ar
Ar paints and draws his surrounds – both the people and everyday objects he finds around him in Tel Aviv. He does this, with a realist technique, often preferring to paint objects which are worn, rather than pristine.
 Shoshana Eden
Shoshana Eden (1917-2002)is a painter who painted her childhood memories of a shtetl in Poland. The paintings show the shtetl from a young girl's point of view, and they offer a unique look at a long gone world.
 Oz Malul
In my kinetic sculptures, ordinary and commonplace materials and objects are made strange, sometimes by a small alteration to them, sometimes by elaborate mechanical devices that I construct specifically for this purpose...


Featured Exhibitions

 P8 GAL​LERY / A door opens, a howl / Eyal Sasson
Eyal Sasson's new solo exhibition at the P8 Gallery is a picturesque installation that dominates all the walls of the exhibition space and combines two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic fragments. They combine to create a kind of landscape model or a disturbed nature, in which liquid and fleshy physical elements are mixed.
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 מגדל פרישמן  /
The exhibition will present about 25 large abstract works that have been painted mainly recently (some of the paintings were specially painted for the exhibition) and they reflect, moments of life, external and internal landscapes ...
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New Exhibitions

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 גלריה רו-ארט / Mirage

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 גלריה לונדון גורדון /
A solo exhibition of the artist Etty Wieder-Wertzer
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 גלריית מגדל W / Wrapped

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