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 Gideon Shani
Artist, painter and sculptor. Painting in a realistic style, especially in oil paints. Focuses mainly on the landscapes of the south of Israel.
 Igal Ram
Igal Ram, born 1974 in Israel, Igal draw and sketch on and off roughly since I was 5, but have taken up painting only recently. Most of his latest works are outdoors ("en pleinair"), with pastels or oils, featuring the light, the people and the landscapes of Tel Aviv, where he lives
 Zohar Flax
Flax paints the urban and natural Israeli landscape in a figurative fashion. Her compositions describe a soft stillness, a perspective that stretches out to the horizon. They make us feel as if time has stopped in order for us to appreciate the beauty of everyday life.
 Sahar Matana
The heart is the main theme of the Sahar Matana As well as an aspiration for balancing and emanating the ego from his childhood. Through the work - oil on canvas, ink on plywood and graffiti - Sahar tries to break conventions and let the human experience connect to creation.
 Pamela Silver
Pamela is an intuitive artist painting her dreams and experiences
 Cheryl Klein
Whether it’s a landscape around the world, people in a cafe, flowers in a garden or a portrait, Cheryl paints what moves her. Focusing on oil paints, she paints both en plein air and in her studio in Tel Aviv.
 Liora Ganor
Abstract painting. Appearing,disappearing, covering, uncovering, and a mystery created in between.
 Jonathan Beck
Works range on the scale of realism from a meticulous representation of reality to a more relaxed and expressive painting. The themes of the work include still life, landscape and paintings of figures


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 הגלריה לאמנות שבטית וישראלית /
For many years Laura and her family lived in the Congo, Africa. Laura as a young woman, was deeply influenced by the locals and the daily interaction with them created experiences that burned into her and became a part of her.
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 תיאטרון ירושלים / מסעות בנתיבי העבר ובנופי ישראל
Solo exhibition by artist Hila Cholsky. The topics of her work relate to the complex relationship of the second generation to Holocaust survivors and her love for the Land of Israel and its history.
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 גלריה על האגם / A Journey to Myself
When I paint or sculpt, I forget what is going on around me. Immerses into myself, learns to express my feelings through the work. I received a lot of inspiration from my late husband who started painting when he retired. I too was captivated by the magic of painting, when I retired.
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 Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center / Becoming Plastic
"Making plastic" is an installation consisting of 27 ceramic bodies hanging from the ceiling. The Jacaranda Curry installation exhibition, which deals with the difficult processes going on on Earth, will be displayed during the month of July at the Binyamini Center for Contemporary Ceramic Art.
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 מתנס אריק איינשטיין / The Bottleneck
The image of the artist Keith Herring, which expresses and represents the beauty, purity, joy and simplicity that babies bring with them, will become a symbol of protest in a group art exhibition: "The Bottle Neck" which deals with the Independent Bottling Law on Deposit, Recycling and the Environment
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 בריכת הקשתות / REFLECTION
Video and sound installation by artist Dor Zelicha Levy at the Ramla Center for Contemporary Art
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 גלריה נולובז /
Pop-up exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Hannah Assyri. Will be displayed for 3 days at the Nolobaz Gallery in Tel Aviv in an artistic happening of one weekend.
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 סטודיו שוקי קוק / Beyond Lost Bodies - Nadin Kohn Fisel
Nadine con Faisal is a French artist, a resident of Paris, moving in her life between Tel Aviv and Paris, creating in both cities out of the same inner search passion, in both languages ... exploring the world, among other things, through preoccupation with the body, its exterior and interior.
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