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 Cheryl Klein
Whether it’s a landscape around the world, people in a cafe, flowers in a garden or a portrait, Cheryl paints what moves her. Focusing on oil paints, she paints both en plein air and in her studio in Tel Aviv.
 Gideon Shani
Artist, painter and sculptor. Painting in a realistic style, especially in oil paints. Focuses mainly on the landscapes of the south of Israel.
 Liora Ganor
Abstract painting. Appearing,disappearing, covering, uncovering, and a mystery created in between.
 Igal Ram
Igal Ram, born 1974 in Israel, Igal draw and sketch on and off roughly since I was 5, but have taken up painting only recently. Most of his latest works are outdoors ("en pleinair"), with pastels or oils, featuring the light, the people and the landscapes of Tel Aviv, where he lives
 Arik Ventura
His works are "imaginary stories" influenced by landscapes of the Land of Israel and parallel naïve art/children's paintings. Works in mixed media on canvas or on wood.
 Sahar Matana
The heart is the main theme of the Sahar Matana As well as an aspiration for balancing and emanating the ego from his childhood. Through the work - oil on canvas, ink on plywood and graffiti - Sahar tries to break conventions and let the human experience connect to creation.
 Katia Arbetov
Katya creates abstract paintings, rich in color and movement. "I am fascinated by the immediacy that acrylic paints provide. It allows me to capture the movement of the inner soul, here and now, on the canvas, creating imaginative worlds where feelings and sensations are reflected in color and shape on the canvas."
 Inna Davidovich
Focuses mainly on watercolor painting. Her work is characterized by a figurative-lyrical style with a touch of surrealism and fantasy.
 Ruth Golan Henel
Ceramic sculptures with a wide range of themes
 Uri Cohen
Uri Cohen creates photographic works and sculptures capturing the moment and observing forms, colors, patterns and geometry. Self-taught artist who participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
 Orit Gafni
Digital art - Orit original photographs are processed, reassembled and converted into a new world, full of color and emotion
 Ruth Schetzman
Keeping fresh impression on what is in front of her eyes, she deals with relationships between the model to the space it occupies in terms of shape, color, and tone. Although she paints from nature, she treats her compositions as abstract paintings.


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 אטליה שמי, כברי / Omer Shizaf: Homage to the Spaceman  / Maya Zehavi: Milestone
Two contemporary artists' exhibitions in the encounter with the works of Yechiel Shami.
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 גלריה עומר תירוש / Palimpsest
The term ?Palimpsest? comes from the Latin reference to an ancient manuscript that has been erased in order to make space for new text, often leaving behind faint traces of what was written before. Similarly, Erez-Hutchison?s paintings are made up of translucent overlapping imagery each representing different stages in his life. This new, autobiographical body of work focuses on the artist?s childhood in Northern Ireland as well as his present-day life in Israel.
 Noga gallery / CAIN
The exhibition focuses on the biblical story of 'Cain and Abel' as it is also accepted through the Christian interpretation as pre-figuration that announces events and figures in Christianity.
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 Gina gallery / Inspiration Takes Shape
First collaboration of its kind with the Bezalel Department of Ceramics and Glass, a ceramic response of participants to artwork in the na?ve, academic and anti-establishment genre.
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 גלריה רו-ארט / Raw Art
?The exhibition "Raw Art" brings together the gallery's 19 artists for a group exhibition, the first since 2011 ? an opportunity for our audience to see, in one single space, who we are now.
 Museum on the seam / Gall and Wormwood

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