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 Zohar Flax
Flax paints the urban and natural Israeli landscape in a figurative fashion. Her compositions describe a soft stillness, a perspective that stretches out to the horizon. They make us feel as if time has stopped in order for us to appreciate the beauty of everyday life.
 Gideon Shani
Artist, painter and sculptor. Painting in a realistic style, especially in oil paints. Focuses mainly on the landscapes of the south of Israel.
 Sahar Matana
The heart is the main theme of the Sahar Matana As well as an aspiration for balancing and emanating the ego from his childhood. Through the work - oil on canvas, ink on plywood and graffiti - Sahar tries to break conventions and let the human experience connect to creation.
 Jonathan Beck
Works range on the scale of realism from a meticulous representation of reality to a more relaxed and expressive painting. The themes of the work include still life, landscape and paintings of figures
 Rami Ater
A Painter and Sculptor who’s work focuses on abstract and symbolic sculptures, moulded from a combination of iron and brass. Otter is an expressive artist. The lines and silhouettes of his sculptures are inspired by the people in his life, both past and present. His sculptures embody movement, while the empty spaces within them create substance and meaning.
 Cheryl Klein
Whether it’s a landscape around the world, people in a cafe, flowers in a garden or a portrait, Cheryl paints what moves her. Focusing on oil paints, she paints both en plein air and in her studio in Tel Aviv.
 Liora Ganor
Abstract painting. Appearing,disappearing, covering, uncovering, and a mystery created in between.
 Arik Ventura
His works are "imaginary stories" influenced by landscapes of the Land of Israel and parallel naïve art/children's paintings. Works in mixed media on canvas or on wood.


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 Rothschild Fine Art / Smiles from Reason - Deborah Sebaoun
Rothschild Art Gallery is pleased to present Deborah Sibaun's first solo exhibition at the gallery.
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 P8 GAL​LERY / Come Over
Alma Yitzhaki's new exhibition documents an action tailored to the dimensions of the present.
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 בית הפרקליטים (מגדל המוזיאון)  / .
A group exhibition curated by Bilha Zaitzik Shomer.
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 המשכן למוסיקה ואמנויות / .
The exhibition features a range of quality artists: painters, sculptors and photographers gathered from all over the country, artists who have chosen art as a significant part of their lives.
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 גלריה ברוורמן / Mousework
Mousework, Illit Azoulay's latest project, examines the concept of "female hysteria" as defined and exemplified throughout history, and how "hysteria" is still an integral part of our daily vocabulary, and connects to a database that has not changed much since the concept was coined.
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 Tal Gallery / Fragile Beauty,  An Astronaut reflections and impressions of our planet, Jessica Meir
Tal Gallery is honored to host a unique photo exhibition, photos taken by astronaut Jessica Meyer during her nine months of mission in the space station in 2019-2020. The appointments present a rare, personal point of view and reveal Jessica's impressions and reflections.
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 תערוכה וירטואלית / Still Life
Sigal Edelman Tzipi Ohel Edward Almashi Ayala Borten Rachel Gvirtsman Efrat Goldberg Natalia Dietlov Katya Desnenko Michal Wolf Garden Anna Rakin Tamar Haimson Dear Levy | Zehava Netter Olga Soslova Queen Zanziper Marina Cousin Iris Kirshheimer | Beautiful Clear | Irish Rotrovin
Translated using Google translate. / Nude Model 1
Nudity played a major role in the history of art, from ancient Greece to the Renaissance. The great artists used it to describe ideals of energy, joy of life and inspiration, and on the other hand romantic, intimate and erotic feelings.
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