Tova Lotan
A contemporary painter and photographer, works in Tel Aviv. Topics covered in her work relates to identity, the herd, vision and more.
 Oded Hirsch
Photography, sketches and video works, , creating implied, intriguing and multi-layered stories.
 Daniel Lewitt
Engages in the processing of photographs using various hand made techniques(cutting, peeling, dacolage). In his works, he focuses on abstract images and geometries, the aesthetic of the nature of the Land of Israel in the face of the urban construction taking over the landscape of his childhood in Jerusalem.
 Irit Tamari
In her work, the artist examines the boundaries of the photographic medium, the way we perceive it and its potential alternative use as a raw material. Tamari cuts, dismantle and reassemble her photographs into a new three dimensional –made of photographs alone– world.
 Eyal Segal
A multidisciplinary, autodidact artist. In his work, Segal refers to space not only as a place to open dialog with his audience, but also as a tool for self investigation through memory and heritage
 Orly Aviv
artist incorporating photography, video, video/audio performance/installation, video/audio interactive installation, digital painting/sculpture and music. Her broad education - Science Technology and Art – reflected in her innovative and challenging art works.
 Orit Gafni
Digital art - Orit original photographs are processed, reassembled and converted into a new world, full of color and emotion
 Uri Cohen
Uri Cohen creates photographic works and sculptures capturing the moment and observing forms, colors, patterns and geometry. Self-taught artist who participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
 Yoav Friedlander
I am an “Americanized” Israeli. Born and raised on the limestone hills between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. My perception is chaotic; composed of mediated American culture, desert landscapes of childhood, and war, which is integral in my life. We are trained to see the world through photographs. The camera and its recordings have become the instruments through which moments exist.
 Nava Porat
Nava Porat expresses herself artistically in etchings, silkscreens, drawings, naïve art and photorealistic paintings. She focuses in her paintings in the fat female body, for its beauty, joy, aesthetics, humor and erotica.
 Shai Zakai
Contemporary artist, photographer, one of the pioneers of the eco-art world movement, ecological-Artist, writer, a grass root activist, lecturer, curator, creates processes which promote environmental awareness through the Arts. her works are to be found in both private and museum collections.
 Yoel Levy
Yoel Levy creates B/W photographs. Among his subjects: portraits, urban landscapes, street music performers; all reveled in their most beautiful moment of expression.
 Arik Miranda
Modern conceptual art - the pieces express a wide spectrum of concepts such as landscapes, urbanism, relationships and more.
 Michal Alma
The artist deals with the theme "Twilight" - a blend of mystical and philosophical investigations in digital works that show metaphysical scenes.
 Nurit Yarden
Nurit Yarden, Photographer, lives and works in Tel-Aviv. Her work moves along the seam line between image and text, object and concept, game and reality, the prohibited and permitted, and the local and international.
 Malka Inbal
Experimental photographer who works with unique, self made technique, based on the use of foil screen. In her work, Malka examines universal challenges as she experienced herself: femininity, relationships, maturity and old age.
 Nino Herman
Works as an independent press photographer alongside artistic photography that documents people and nature. Herman: " My art deals with people: their existential situation, the conditions of their life, their feelings, and their relationships."
 Youval Doron
Israeli artist, painter and photographer, born in kibuts gan shmuel. His art work follows the israeli special light ,landscapes, nature and people.
 Dorian Gottlieb
Dorian Gottlieb works mainly in the photographic medium which he uses to examine architectural motifs. Through this examination, the artist raises questions of identity, belonging and place
 Avi Levin
Graduate of the photography department at Bezalel. During a long stay in Berlin, presented his work in several exhibitions and worked for newspapers and local magazines. Today, in Israel, combines between art work, and the work in non-formal education, focusing on art as a therapeutic tool. His art work is influenced by film and a search for cinematic quality in single photo - a picture tells a story or suggest an intriguing occurrence
 Hilit Kadouri
Hilit Kadouri lives and works in Tel Aviv. An independent photographer showing her work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries across the country. The artist engages in Still Life (from flower to mold), miniatures, blindness, etc., from the perspective of cultural icons and art history.
Anna Yam creates a world of in-between places and gaps through her photographs. She navigates chaos and stillness, the familiar and unfamiliar and, perhaps most crucially, belonging and being set apart


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