Museum of Natural Jerusalem
The artist Anat Proper Goldenberg continues in the path of her investigation the interaction between man and his environment. The exhibition includes a space-dependent installation, video work combined with sound work, an installation and a series of photographs.
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 Zaritsky Artists House
Eyal Tevet's solo exhibition dealing with portraits of the nearby family cell, in the home space around the Corona period.
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 Apter-Barrer Galelery and Art Center
The exhibition is a meeting between the creators of the Western Galilee and the gallery about change as a result of the corona virus that has entered our lives.
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 ‏Studio of Her Own
Your own studio, the United States Embassy and the Beit Hagefen Gallery are opening an exhibition summarizing the Women in Culture Leadership Program.
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 Rakia Gallery
Chuppah - the Jewish Wedding , group art exhibition in Rakia Gallery
 Museum of Art, Ein Harod
The Ein Harod Art Center announces its reopening with five exciting new exhibitions. The exhibits include interconnected threads: engaging in biographical roots, close living environments, a look at physical and mental landscapes, conflicts, and memories.
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 Eretz Israel Museum
The biennial presents a recent snapshot of the various arts and design areas, with an emphasis on ceramics, glass, jewelery, textiles and paper.
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 Nachum Gutman
A new group exhibition featuring six Israeli artists presenting a sassy, childish, physical, sexual, and dying painting, looking at childhood, youth and adulthood.
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 The Green Gallery in Arsuf Kedem
An enriching walk in the most beautiful sculpture garden in Israel
A breath of nature within a short drive from from Tel Aviv
 Museum on the seam

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 RawArt Gallery
?The exhibition "Raw Art" brings together the gallery's 19 artists for a group exhibition, the first since 2011 ? an opportunity for our audience to see, in one single space, who we are now.
 Gordon Gallery

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