Rothschild Fine Art
Rothschild Art Gallery is honored to present a double exhibition, featuring portraits painted by Alex Kramer and Sam Drucker. Both often engage in the study of self-portraits and portraits of those around them, each in his own way.
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 Hechal Shlomo Museum
An exhibition by the artist couple Oleg Krotkov (1929-2013) and Ella Binstock (1929-2003). For 33 years they worked together in the field of monumental art. At the same time, in the painting, each of them created according to his character traits and personal style.
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 The GH Art Gallery
On Saturday, May 7, 2002, a multidisciplinary group exhibition will open at the Givat Haviva Art Gallery, featuring 21 artists who are treating a special state of consciousness; one that is on the verge of a dream, full of creativity and imagination and not bound by the laws of reality. The various works exhibited, whether paintings, photographs or videos, contain images and hints from the world of dreams.
False Awakening is a kind of unusual experience, like trying to wake up from a dream and realize that it is not a dream, or a dream within a dream, or the sense of imitation of reality that always seems somehow abnormal in a dream. Such experiences open up the possibility of something new and not obvious, not subject to the laws of reality as we know it, free from the laws of logic and closer to the realms of sleep.
A group exhibition at the Mishkan for the Arts in Raanana.
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A new exhibition at the Wall 1 Gallery in the cafe yesterday on Tuesday in Jerusalem, featuring more than 20 drawings by the IDC artist Max Epstein, which combine a text whose owner is not identified with original images.
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 Rosenfeld Gallery
Roni Landa's artistic practice fuses two worlds of content - one deals with science and medicine and the other with the history of art. On the face of it, these are separate areas, but an in-depth look reveals the variety of contexts that are visually expressed in the sculptural objects displayed in the exhibition.
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 Gina gallery
Second collaboration between Gina Gallery for International Naive Art and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem
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A new portrait exhibition by musician and artist Ronen Shapira. In his portraits, Shapira moves between the figurative expression and the abstract realms, but even these realms never completely abandon the formal expression.
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 Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
During Sukkot week 2021, the largest exhibition of contemporary artworks created with augmented reality (AR) technology ever seen in Israel will open in Jerusalem. Seeing the Invisible has been Initiated and led by the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens and Outset Contemporary Art Fund with partnership and support from the Jerusalem Foundation
 Rakia Gallery
Chuppah - the Jewish Wedding , group art exhibition in Rakia Gallery
 RawArt Gallery
?The exhibition "Raw Art" brings together the gallery's 19 artists for a group exhibition, the first since 2011 ? an opportunity for our audience to see, in one single space, who we are now.
 Gordon Gallery

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