Rami Ater
A Painter and Sculptor who’s work focuses on abstract and symbolic sculptures, moulded from a combination of iron and brass. Otter is an expressive artist. The lines and silhouettes of his sculptures are inspired by the people in his life, both past and present. His sculptures embody movement, while the empty spaces within them create substance and meaning.
 Gideon Shani
Artist, painter and sculptor. Painting in a realistic style, especially in oil paints. Focuses mainly on the landscapes of the south of Israel.
 Varda Yatom
Innovative ceramic sculptures. Sculptures which combine the ancient with the new, as well as a unique approach to the material being used. The sculptures form new connections between the ceramic matter and other materials, a new and different outcome is created.
 Naomi Levy
Sculptor presenting art work in bronze and ceramics. Compositions express different states of relationships.
 Odelia Elhanani
Presents paintings, sculptures and installation. M.A graduate of Tel Aviv university in art history and 'Basis' school of sculpture. Her Paintings and installations live on the line between the abstract and the concrete, careful planning and free spontaneity
 Oz Malul
In my kinetic sculptures, ordinary and commonplace materials and objects are made strange, sometimes by a small alteration to them, sometimes by elaborate mechanical devices that I construct specifically for this purpose...
 Gila Stein
Creates in various fields of art – Sculpture, Photography, Painting and Engraving. Her art is exhibited in galleries and private collections all over the world. Her work unfolds through a range of human emotions
 Dina Shenhav
"I am interested in events or characters caught as embodiment of evil. in fact I deal with the conflict between the parties, between what is described as 'good' and what is defined 'Bad'. I choose to leave traces of action of the substance, without concealment, create a workflow without effects, focusing on the materials and allowing space for material impact."
 Uri Cohen
Uri Cohen creates photographic works and sculptures capturing the moment and observing forms, colors, patterns and geometry. Self-taught artist who participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
 Miri Passov
Contemporary sculptor, uses a wide range of techniques and materials such as: bronze, iron, copper, crystal, and more
 Sima levin
A multidisciplinary artist dealing with realistic painting and drawing, etching, porcelain sculpture and installations in various materials: paper, glass and metal Sima's works are connected to the consciousness of collective time and the space of personal memory. Above the fractions of reality represented in her work there is a whole world of fantasy and imagination.
 Zehava Grossman
Grossman is scarce with words. However, where sculpting is concerned, she is highly prolific. Grossman followed her need to use her hands and discovered sculpting. Her sculptures demonstrate her passion for direct contact between artist and material. Duality between fullness and emptiness, density and airiness, often echoes in Grossman's works.
 Sue Ela
Sue Ela's abstract sculptures, casted in bronze and polyester, deal mostly with relationships, women and dance. Her works include monumental public art and interactive park sculptures.
 Sigal Yaron
art and design in papier mache, creates a variety of figures, furnitures, bowls and masks.
 Yael Balaban
Pieces are a cross between sculpting , drawing and the artist life. Yalel developed a unique Spiral drawing genre.
 Ronit Adam
Focuses on sculpting in stone - Presents works about the everyday life of modern man.
 Ruth Golan Henel
Ceramic sculptures with a wide range of themes
 Mira Maylor
Glass artist and a sculptor. works varies from monumental public art for architecture to smaller art works
 Dan Birenboim
Dan Birenboim’s studies in architecture art , and his subsequent work in Israel as an artist, curator, and urban planner inform his art practice. Frequently focusing on trees, parks, power-lines, ravens and forests, these motifs are woven into a dialogue of the greening of urban space, or the forest as a “green lung".
 Irit Tamari
In her work, the artist examines the boundaries of the photographic medium, the way we perceive it and its potential alternative use as a raw material. Tamari cuts, dismantle and reassemble her photographs into a new three dimensional –made of photographs alone– world.
 Hiyuli Liberman
Sculptor specializing in the field of warm glass. In the site works of various techniques are displayed: kiln-casting and P?te de Verre, Fusing and Slumming.
 Avital Cnaani
Cnaani's works are situated along the axis between sculpture to painting and drawing, and examines the relationship between them. Her images relate to ancient animals, wild plants, the human body and soil.
 Eti Ratz
A papier mache sculptor, who uses form, color, texture and volume of the material to open and enrich her creative imaginary world
 Gadi Fraiman
Stone and bronze sculptor. works varies from monumental public art to smaller art works


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