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Misha Rapoport | High Noon (26/11/2020 - 17/12/2020)

The exhibition "High Noon" centers on the importance of consciousness in the current reality. 
A period where "the lockdown" brought into expression an inner raw material that raises questions, memories, and pieces of artist Misha Rapoport's personal consciousness.  
"I remember… a white canvas stretched on a wooden frame always waits for me in the studio. 
It is beautiful as is. And I need to paint something on it, something that would not turn it into lesser than it is. And believe me, this is no easy task. I need some sort of finished image that is worthy of covering this absolute whiteness. I start to construct this image out of random impressions from my daily life: from working with a model, from photographs, paintings, memory fragments… and I insist on trying to calculate everything into one visual formula. But it does not exist. The image refuses to complete itself, figures crawl outside the frame, landscapes smear and turn to blots, an ancient sculpture breaks into pieces. I paint what remains and know that behind what I do, there's always the perfect whiteness of the canvas."
The 16 images accessible to the viewers seem like partial situations taken from the artist's whole memory and give out the feeling that there is an occurrence behind what is seen on the canvas.
In these works, Rapoport combines his unique style of realism with backgrounds and landscapes that are smeared on the canvas and become soft patches of color. At first glance, the new works look like a classic painting depicting parts of memories of landscapes and people in our world. However, in further gaze and more focused observation, it sends the viewer to complete the picture according to our memory and imagination.
Misha Rapoport was born in 1948 in Kazakhstan, a graduate of the Department of Sculpture, Academy of Arts, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Immigrated to Israel in 1990. Exhibited in many exhibitions in Israel and around the world. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.
The exhibition will take place at Urban Gallery, 51 Rothschild St. Tel Aviv, 
According to regulations of 'The Purple Badge'.
Opening: 26.11, Thursday, 8:00PM, closing: 17.12.20
Curator: Sigal Elkayam
Opening hours: SUN - THU 11:00-19:00 // FRI 11:00-15:00
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