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The GH Art Gallery is a lab space for asking big questions, creating collaborations and curating exhibitions that reflect topics in our diverse complex society. Our exhibitions showcase artists from all cultures in our society, especially Arab and Jewish, both emerging and established, local and international. Our exhibition cycle is such that we feature about six exhibitions per year, including one dedicated to our Ceramics Studios and one dedicated to our GHIS art students. Follow us on social media please! We love having visitors in all our platforms, physical and virtual.

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Givat Haviva, in the heart of the Joint Center for the Arts, Menashe Regional Council.



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Tales (03/09/2021 - 02/10/2021)

2021 Ceramics and Print Exhibition
Curators: Avner Singer and Moshe Roas
The hands of the artist turn thoughts and ideas into volumes, shapes, textures and colors. The School of Ceramics and the School of Art, including the print workshop, at the Givat Haviva Collaborative Art Center, inspires a space for experimentation and in-depth research. About two hundred students and artists who have worked in it this year have given shape to their personal journey into the world of creative material.
Accompanied by the skilled teaching staff and as part of the pluralistic philosophy of the Center, each student sets goals for him/herself that match their own professional level, interests and conceptual and material ideas.
The Ceramics School is known as the largest ceramics school in the country and the courses it offers allow ceramics lovers to learn, experiment, develop and create a dialogue around the creative processes.
The print workshop, which used to serve the entire Hashomer Hatzair movement, continues to establish itself, for the fifth year in a row, under the leadership of Moshe Roas. The workshop is a center of attraction for learners and artists who choose to explore and delve deeper into the field of print using a variety of techniques, and through it to discover a contemporary and rich language for expressing their ideas.
This year the Collaborative Art Center decided to present and celebrate the connection of the two fields together in a multi-participant group exhibition. The exhibition, which includes over 500 works spread over five different spaces, presents sculptures and pottery works alongside prints made in various techniques and materials, as well as a variety of experiments in the processing and firing of ceramic materials.
All the pieces on display in the joint exhibition are the fruit of a process that is still ongoing. The artists from different backgrounds were invited to dedicate themselves to the diverse worlds of ceramics and printmaking, through an exploration of the variety of modes of work in those mediums, along with the possibility of telling a story and pouring it into material, with perspective moving between three-dimensional and two-dimensional space.
The works offer a specific story, part of which is visible and part hidden, and ask the viewer to take part, investigate and dive into the layers of color-texture-shape, which create the image and materiality, presenting the craft of the ceramicist and the printer.

The Feast (31/07/2021 - 21/08/2021)

?The photography exhibition "The Feast" offers a unique, different view by the members of the joint program "Through Other Eyes" 2021, presenting the point of view of Arab and Jewish youth within the Corona year.

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Hill and wind in it (22/05/2021 - 17/07/2021)

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