Ghenadie Sontu’s art is a consolidation of beauty, symbolism, meticulously precise drawing and a unique perspective. On the one hand, his works are calm, depicting still objects in moments of silence. On the other hand they are full of life and expression due to the bold colors, busy textures and deep symbolism they possess. Shontzu is a graduate of the Music, Theatre and Art Academy in Moldova. His works have been exhibited in Israel and around the world, and he has won multiple accolades for his art.
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About Ghenadie Sont

I create collections of paintings based on stories that deal with the subject of identity and integrity. My goal is to offer values and models that can be followed and that can have a significant impact.  I work in “alla prima” and practices of traditional and contemporary realism style

Artist biography

Ghenadie Sontu graduated from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts of Moldova in 2005, where he focused his studies in the “alla prima” methods and practices of traditional and contemporary realism style. Since his graduation, Ghenadie has been a full-time artist and has exhibited his works across the world.
While known primarily for his mastery in portrait and still life painting, he is accomplished in figurative and landscape painting as well. 
Ghenadie works and lives in Haifa and is a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association.
Born: December 16, 1979, Republic of Moldova
2011 – 2013. DeVos Institute of Arts Management, Kennedy Center, Washington D.C., USA
1999 - 2005. Academy of Theater, Music and Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting, Chisinau, Moldova
2001 - 2003. Invisible College of Moldova, Laboratory of Philosophy, Anthropology and Culturology
1992 - 1999. Republican Art Lyceum “I. Vieru”, Chisinau, Moldova
Personal Exhibitions:
2015. "Moldova Art", Art Gallery of Grand Hall Comercial Center, Chisinau Moldova
2013. “Golden Chisinau”, Atrium Business Center, Chisinau, Moldova
2012. “Stories” IDIS VIITORUL, Think Thank Moldova
2011. “Old Chisinau”, Hasdeu Municipal Public Library, Chisinau, Moldova
2011. “Images of Chisinau” Swiss Cooperation Office Moldova
2006. “Dor le Dor”, OSCE Mission to Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova
2005. “Identity”, UNDP Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova
2003. “Syndrom Dor”, French Alliance, Chisinau, Moldova
2000. „DOR”, Art Section of the National Library, Chisinau, Moldova
2011. Winner of Cultural Diplomacy Residency Program in Art Management, ICR London, UK
2008. Winner of Competition of Art-Expo, International Exhibition Centre “Moldexpo”, Chisinau, Moldova
2005. Scholarship, Felix Meritis Foundation, Netherlands
2002. Scholar of Merit of Soros Foundation, the Second degree, Moldova
2002. I award, Arts Contest “Roberto Matta“, Latin Union, 3rd Edition, Paris, France

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