Naomi Linzen creates abstract and expressive art inspired by the idea of freedom and the desire to break boundaries. Her works are full of color, texture, and emotional complexity. Naomi began her career as a physiotherapist, later changing her professional path to become an art therapist.
The painting process allows Naomi to express her creativity and intuition, as well as to transcend the boundaries of thought. Naomi studied at the "Studio" college in Raanana and at the Beit Berl seminary. She holds a certificate in art therapy from the Beit Berl College of Art.

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About Naomi Linzen

Naomi Linzen shares a studio with three other artists in Givat Chen, a moshav near her home in Ra'anana, Israel.


Naomi's unique art reflects her rich life experience and unusual life story. Born in England, Naomi immigrated with her parents to Israel in 1974. She fulfilled her ambition to become an artist after working for many years as a physiotherapist and later retraining and working as an art therapist.

While studying art therapy, Naomi rekindled her love for art.

She reflects;

"At first I sought to work in accord to rules, and to achieve accuracy. With time my work became less and less organized.  Eventually I found that I could work, and only afterwards analyze. I found within myself an impulsiveness which had previously been submerged by layers of education. I work in accord to my inner impulses and only then stop, observe, and react"

The materials she uses and the individual technique she has developed are a reflection of her inner self.

"I work on canvas. The materials I use combine both the 'proper' artists' materials and materials such as sand, stones, metal, twigs, straw or anything else to which my attention is drawn. I never measure but work by feel and rarely sketch.

My work is textural; I work whilst examining materials and their textures on canvas, a repeating sequence of first doing and then correcting, layer upon layer.  A transition between chaos to understanding until finally I achieve an acceptable balance."  


Far from being commonplace, Naomi's unique paintings draw attention wherever they are hung, be it an exhibition, exclusive furniture store, or office.

Naomi is experienced at working with interior designers and architects and is skilled at finding the perfect match between a painting and the intended location – be it a sitting room, office, restaurant, or public space.

Aware of the different elements at the location that can effect the painting, such as the type of lighting used, texture and color of the furniture, size and style of the room, she arrives at the location with a selection of her paintings. If no perfect match is found among the existing paintings, it is possible to order a painting "made to measure".

Naomi is an expert at designing a "custom-made", one of a kind painting while taking into account, the wishes of the client and the surrounding conditions.


"I find that the restrictions that are imposed on me are invigorating and result in creativity, it is a wonderful feeling"

Artist biography

Solo Exhibition

2016    "The Tree Stands High", the Raanana Town hall Gallery, curated by Orna    Fichman

2014     "Kaleidoscope", Silver Building, Tel Aviv, curated by Lori Pszenica

2013    "Kaleidoscope", W Gallery, W Tower, Tel Aviv curated by Lori Pszenica

2013    "Renewed Growth", First International Bank, Ramat Aviv branch, Tel Aviv, curated by Hana Konigsberger and Ora Ben Yoram 

2013    "Matter for Thought", Rubinstein Tower, Tel Aviv curated by Lori Pszenica

2013    Clementine Cafe, Tel Aviv

2013    Louise Cafe, Ramat hachayal

2012    ADD Gallery, Castra Center, Haifa, curated by Lev Kiperman


Joint Exhibitions

2016    "Image-Still life-Homeland", Gallery on The Park, Raanana, curated by Dr Tami Keidar  

2014    "Beginning", the corner café, Haifa, curated by Dafna Rieves

2013    W Gallery, W Tower, Tel Aviv, curated by Lori Pszenica

2013    Gofferman Cafe, Rishpon

2013    "Desert Eco Art", Masada National ParkCurated by Yael Nitzan

2012    "Muza", Gallery on the Park, Raanana

2012    "Shades of gray", Light House Gallery, Jaffa, curated by Anna Mossenson

2012    "Some Thing New in Art", Rothschild 65, Tel Aviv, Curated by Reli Vaser

2012    Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Curated by Monica Lavi

2011    "The Colour is Red", Beit Gavriel, Curated by Yael Nitzan

2011    A Joint Exhibition of Works of Artists in Ra'anana, curated by Gabi Ben Zano

2011    Works exhibited at the Meitsag Gallery in Tel Aviv

2010    "An exhibition of Three Artists", Yad Le Banim, Ra'anana, curated by Gabi Ben Zano

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