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About Naomi Mendel

Mendel's practice is driven by her encounters with nature in processed form. As a continuation of the 18th Century Vanitas paintings, the artist paints everyday objects from her own contemporary time.

Born in  Jerusalem, 1981

Artist biography


2005 Hugeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, The Netherlands

2002-2006 Graduate, The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem                     


Solo/Joint exhibitions

2013 Room Temperature, Collaborated exhibition with Hila Amram and      

          Hanita Ilan. Feinberg Projects Gallery. Curator: Yham Hameiri   

2010 Fragments, the Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ron Bartos

2009 And Maybe there is Romance in the Catastrophe? Dana Gallery, Kibbutz Yad-

          Mordechai. (Joint exhibition with Aya Eliav)

2008 Sane Man Seeking Apartment, Agora Gallery Tel-Aviv (Joint exhibition with                           Noa Shai)


Selected group exhibitions

2016 White City, Muhaliver (Industrial building) Tel Aviv. Curator: Keren Bar Gil

2015 Midday Summer Dream, Feinberg Projects Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yham Hameiri

2015 Please Open, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yael Amit

2014 Reflection: A Note on Painting vs. Photography in Contemporary Israeli Art, Hanina          Contamporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Jochai Rosen 

2014 Fresh Paint Special Edition, Meier Building, Tel Aviv. Curators: Yifat Gurion and        

          Sharon Tilinger           

2013 Hit Wave, Contemporary Israeli Art in London, Curator: Keren Bar Gil

2012 Why Self Portrait? The Red House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shlomo Har-Paz.

2012 Closing Party, The Heder Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Iris Barak                 and Neta Gal-Atzmon.

2012 The End of the World, Beit Meyuhas, Tel Aviv. Curator: Galit Semel

2011 Windstones, Daniel Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sharon Tuval

2011 Toy, Tel Aviv harbor. Curator: Karen Gillerman, with Tavi Art Gallery.

2011 The 4th Annual Israeli Art For Elem, Opera Gallery, New York.

2010 Be My Guest, The Diaghilev, Tel Aviv. Curator: Keren Bar-Gil

2010 Who is a Predator? On-Line exhibition on Curators: Shachaf                      Dekel and Limor Weisberg.

2010 Fresh Paint 3, Art Fair. Tel Aviv

2010 100 years young, Bezalel group exhibition in Berlin (UDK), curator: Muli Ben-                       Shashon

2010 Frozen Chocolate, Tel Aviv, Panorama building. Curator: Galit Semel

2009 Tel Aviv 100 celebrations, The Gallery of Rothchild Ave

2009 Lolita, The Office Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Ron Bartos

2009 Lehem-hok, The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Gilit Fisher

2009 Fresh Paint 2 - The Young Israeli Art Fair

2009 This World, Hanina Contemporary art Gallery. Curator: Jonathan Hirschfeld

2008 Fresh Paint 1, The Young Israeli Art Fair

2008 Gala Reception, Freinds of Bezalel, IAC building, New York

2008 Yaldei Hatahanot, Ramle Contemporary Art Gallery. Curator: David Vakshtein

2007 The Mandel Collection, Mandel Leadership Institute, Jerusalem

2006 Bezalel 100 – Terminal 1, Graduate exhibition of the Bezalel Academy of Arts                       and Design, Jerusalem



Awards and Scholarships

2016 Artis, Artport & Asylum Arts - Artist Career Development Program

2010 The Rabinovitch Foundation, Tel Aviv   

2007 Friends of The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

2006 The Mandel Leadership Institute



Selected Collections

Shiff collection, Tel Aviv

The Yigal Ahuvi Collection, Tel-Aviv

Bank Leumi Collection, Tel-Aviv

Bank Hapoalim Collection, Tel Aviv

The Mandel Leadership Institute collection, Jerusalem

The Stanger Collection, Tel-Aviv 

Rani Rahav Collection, Tel-Aviv and Savyon

Rabin Collection, San Francisco


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