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 Haya Graetz Ran
A contemporary Israeli artist, paints figurative paintings that are based on private and anonymous posed photographs. In her artistic action she creates images of girls and maturing girls that relate to the history of the Israeli society
 Dan Birenboim
Dan Birenboim’s studies in architecture art , and his subsequent work in Israel as an artist, curator, and urban planner inform his art practice. Frequently focusing on trees, parks, power-lines, ravens and forests, these motifs are woven into a dialogue of the greening of urban space, or the forest as a “green lung".
 Nurit Yarden
Nurit Yarden, Photographer, lives and works in Tel-Aviv. Her work moves along the seam line between image and text, object and concept, game and reality, the prohibited and permitted, and the local and international.
 Daniel Lewitt
Engages in the processing of photographs using various hand made techniques(cutting, peeling, dacolage). In his works, he focuses on abstract images and geometries, the aesthetic of the nature of the Land of Israel in the face of the urban construction taking over the landscape of his childhood in Jerusalem.
 Amnon David Ar
Ar paints and draws his surrounds – both the people and everyday objects he finds around him in Tel Aviv. He does this, with a realist technique, often preferring to paint objects which are worn, rather than pristine.
 Noa ARbel
Noa Arbel is inspired by desolated urban places, open nature and cloudy skies. She has started by painting New York cityscapes and Plein Air Maryland landscapes, and continued with local Israeli landscapes. Using a rich palette of colors and textures, her paintings merge abstract and representational approaches.
 Hadas Levi
A painter, graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art. Her website features works from recent years
 Tova Lotan
A contemporary painter and photographer, works in Tel Aviv. Topics covered in her work relates to identity, the herd, vision and more.
 Ghenadie Sont
Paintings are characterized by "Ella Prima" style and contemporary realism. Gennady creates a collection of paintings based on stories dealing with identity issues.
 Gita Levy
Paints in abstract, sometimes combining figurative elements, in rich colors that express feelings and mood.
 Adva Karni
The artist exploresthe concept of the family through realistic painting, on the basis of different compositions, watching typical families and relationships. She observes life, and work with photography and a computer along with watercolor on paper and oil paintings on canvas or wood.
 Bella Layosh
Bella is a painter born in Germany. Her works deal with the Holocaust, memories from lost world, personal processes that touch on Jewish tradition, and the Kabbalah


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 Zaritsky Artists House / The Animal Farm

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 גלריית הציפור הכחולה /

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 גלריה רו-ארט / Jim/ Lali Fruheling

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 Artspace Tel Aviv / Relative Humidity/ Assaf Hinden
Assaf Hinden documents objects in the archaeology and anthropology departments of different museums, and by applying the most subtle ? or otherwise the most brutal action ? instills new life in them. The exhibition hence breaches and undermines the strict discipline that dominates in the museum. The collection of displayed images creates a mixture of associations and oppositions ? a new balance of power.
 גלריה ברוורמן / Mark Yashaev | Aleph

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