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 Hagit kazinitz
Multidisciplinary artist, in which the environment is key to her work.
 Odelia Elhanani
Presents paintings, sculptures and installation. M.A graduate of Tel Aviv university in art history and 'Basis' school of sculpture. Her Paintings and installations live on the line between the abstract and the concrete, careful planning and free spontaneity
 Malka Inbal
Experimental photographer who works with unique, self made technique, based on the use of foil screen. In her work, Malka examines universal challenges as she experienced herself: femininity, relationships, maturity and old age.
 Arik Ventura
His works are "imaginary stories" influenced by landscapes of the Land of Israel and parallel naïve art/children's paintings. Works in mixed media on canvas or on wood.
 Batia Magal
Fine art oil paintings, engravings and print
 Miri Passov
Contemporary sculptor, uses a wide range of techniques and materials such as: bronze, iron, copper, crystal, and more
 Uri Cohen
Uri Cohen creates photographic works and sculptures capturing the moment and observing forms, colors, patterns and geometry. Self-taught artist who participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
 Nurit Gur-Lavy (Karni)
An artist, (a graduate of the Midrasha and the Hebrew university). Nurit Draws her immediate vicinity and refers to issues in the public and local domain. Her painting range from realistic and expressive, to lyrical and concise.
 Eliahou Eric Bokobza
Eliahou Eric Bokobza, who lives in Tel Aviv. In his colorful paintings he deals with issues of Zionism, family conventions, militarism, orientalism, and nationalism.


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 מרכז בק למדע /

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 Trumpeldor Gallery / Lev Syrkin: I Have Set My Rainbow
?I have been living in Israel since 1972. In Moscow, I had everything, except the main thing ? a state of my own and the right to speak my ancient language, the language of the Bible, the right to dedicate my art to my country and my people, to its history, religion, and tradition.? Lev Syrkin, June 2004
 Zemack Contemporary Art / The Song of Deborah

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 גלריה אסול /

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