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 Malka Inbal
Experimental photographer who works with unique, self made technique, based on the use of foil screen. In her work, Malka examines universal challenges as she experienced herself: femininity, relationships, maturity and old age.
 Rachel Ben Sira
The artist's works comprise distinct cycles based on interconnected fragments and motifs that form complex structures, alternating between figurative and abstract. A part of her creative work is design of poetry books.
 Ofra Friedland
Contemporary Israeli artist. Works in a wide range of media - oils, murals, tapestry, ceramics, wood, and sculpture. Frequently inspired by Biblical subjects
 Yael Balaban
Pieces are a cross between sculpting , drawing and the artist life. Yalel developed a unique Spiral drawing genre.
  Yossi Waxman
Artist, writer and designer. His works plasticity and psychological observation considerable literary man, animal and nature. His books have won awards and he lives and works in Ein Hod.
 Miri Passov
Contemporary sculptor, uses a wide range of techniques and materials such as: bronze, iron, copper, crystal, and more
 Sue Ela
Sue Ela, an Israeli sculptor does clay, stone and bronze sculpture dealing with couples, femininity, personal relations and dance, modern and abstract sculpture with flow and movement
 Tzipi Biran
Zafi Biran sculpts in stone, bronze and resin casting. The creations express faces in feminine existence, in partnership, dance, relationships and movement
 Amnon David Ar
Ar paints and draws his surrounds – both the people and everyday objects he finds around him in Tel Aviv. He does this, with a realist technique, often preferring to paint objects which are worn, rather than pristine.
 Nava Porat
Nava Porat expresses herself artistically in etchings, silkscreens, drawings, naïve art and photorealistic paintings. She focuses in her paintings in the fat female body, for its beauty, joy, aesthetics, humor and erotica.
 Niva Harsgor Hendin
The myth of Garden of Eden is a key motif in the work of Niva Harsgor Nadin . The artist parallels the biblical story as it was phrased and articulated in the western art with the Israeli public and individual mundane


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 Rothschild Fine Art / Symmetry - Simon Adjiashvili

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 גלריה בן עמי /

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 גלריה אסול / Land water Wind fire

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 גלריית בית סילבר / Matou Elihay

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 גלריית מגדל W / Shmulik Mizrahi

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