Shai Zakai
Contemporary artist, photographer, one of the pioneers of the eco-art world movement, ecological-Artist, writer, a grass root activist, lecturer, curator, creates processes which promote environmental awareness through the Arts. her works are to be found in both private and museum collections.
 Shosh Blumenthal
Shosh Blumenthal is an Israeli artist, her works expressed freely in colors that break out with their own independent desire and are means of self–expression, not merely to capture reality.
 Diego Goldfarb
An impressionist painter inspired by the Golan Height scenery. Creates, shows his works and delivers personal painting workshops in his local studio in Nimrod
 Carmit Weizman
Deals with issues of existential situations, the mysterious life and death, conflicts and connections in the human psyche and reality as a whole. It creates a wide variety of materials, including industrial materials and various mediums - drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and video art.
 Ghenadie Sont
Paintings are characterized by "Ella Prima" style and contemporary realism. Gennady creates a collection of paintings based on stories dealing with identity issues.
 Yael Balaban
Pieces are a cross between sculpting , drawing and the artist life. Yalel developed a unique Spiral drawing genre.
 Judith Raviv
Artist, Graduated from Beit-Berel, Art College. Raviv special voice and unique paintings/drawings blur the lines between classical paintings and classical drawing
 ruth ben yaacov
Ruth Ben Yaacov Israeli artist and painter, graduates Hamidrasha school of art and Haifa university. Her work deals with femininity, childhood, imagination and inner experience, memory, game and nature
 Mirit Chervinski
Abstract paintings and drawings using paper and collage made out of variety of sources such as threads, yarn and reproductions of still life paintings. The painting process combines different techniques and takes place on the continuum between spontaneity and planning.
 Malka Inbal
Experimental photographer who works with unique, self made technique, based on the use of foil screen. In her work, Malka examines universal challenges as she experienced herself: femininity, relationships, maturity and old age.
 Adva Karni
The artist exploresthe concept of the family through realistic painting, on the basis of different compositions, watching typical families and relationships. She observes life, and work with photography and a computer along with watercolor on paper and oil paintings on canvas or wood.
 Doron Wolf
realistic painter whose work focus on classical themes such as portraits and still life with a contemporary perspectives to light and the relationship between painting and photography


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