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 Hadas Levi
A painter, graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art. Her website features works from recent years
 Etti Tour
Etti Tour was born in Jerusalem, where the roots of her work lay: "Wild fields with flowing meadows, with the occasional church bell ringing coming from the nearby Ein Karem... I wondered dreamingly within this magical scenery, fresh scents and wide open fields ... I started to draw and since then .... I never stopped."
 Tova Lotan
A contemporary painter and photographer, works in Tel Aviv. Topics covered in her work relates to identity, the herd, vision and more.
 Hilit Kadouri
Hilit Kadouri lives and works in Tel Aviv. An independent photographer showing her work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries across the country. The artist engages in Still Life (from flower to mold), miniatures, blindness, etc., from the perspective of cultural icons and art history.
 Renana Lev
Contemporary artist who deals mostly with abstract painting. With bright colors and vibrant brush movement she expresses a special connection to the world around her. Her paintings come from a sensitive deep insight into everyday life which merge changes, people and objects that create the differences.
 Shoshana Eden
Shoshana Eden (1917-2002)is a painter who painted her childhood memories of a shtetl in Poland. The paintings show the shtetl from a young girl's point of view, and they offer a unique look at a long gone world.
 Malka Inbal
Experimental photographer who works with unique, self made technique, based on the use of foil screen. In her work, Malka examines universal challenges as she experienced herself: femininity, relationships, maturity and old age.
 Yael Margolin
Yael Margolin works in oil and acrylic, combining different and unique techniques. Her figurative paintings present strong figures, and the abstract works are rich with hues and textures.
 Mirit Chervinski
Abstract paintings and drawings using paper and collage made out of variety of sources such as threads, yarn and reproductions of still life paintings. The painting process combines different techniques and takes place on the continuum between spontaneity and planning.
 Judith Raviv
Artist, Graduated from Beit-Berel, Art College. Raviv special voice and unique paintings/drawings blur the lines between classical paintings and classical drawing
 Gila Stein
Creates in various fields of art – Sculpture, Photography, Painting and Engraving. Her art is exhibited in galleries and private collections all over the world. Her work unfolds through a range of human emotions
 Assaf Rodriguez
Painter, Artist and creator, lives in Megiddo. Figurative drawing and painting in various mediums including coal oil and wood, through experiential observation of Israel's landscapes.


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 גלריה אפרת / TWO-Gether

Translated using Google translate.
 office in tel aviv gallery / Please don
I love you. I cannot breathe without you. Don?t go. Never stop loving me. I don?t even know who I am without you. Stay. I need you. I need you. Group exhibition on love, neediness and dependency with Adi Hoffman ? Ayala Netzer ? Lilac Abramsky-Arazi ? Reuma ZoherChayot ? Shai Pardo ? Sharon Rashbam Prop ? Yoav Efrati - Yonatan Levy
 גלריה אסף / GROWING

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 גלריה אסול /

Translated using Google translate.

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