Daniel Lewitt
Engages in the processing of photographs using various hand made techniques(cutting, peeling, dacolage). In his works, he focuses on abstract images and geometries, the aesthetic of the nature of the Land of Israel in the face of the urban construction taking over the landscape of his childhood in Jerusalem.
 Michal Avrech
Painter and Art Therapist. Uses Acrylic on canvas to create large, dynamic and expressive paintings – usually of Israeli landscapes.
 Naomi Linzen
Painter who frequently use a variety of materials, including organic materials collected in the wild, creating a rich texture and expressive paintings. The paintings are characterized by a balance between chaos and organization.
 ruth ben yaacov
Ruth Ben Yaacov Israeli artist and painter, graduates Hamidrasha school of art and Haifa university. Her work deals with femininity, childhood, imagination and inner experience, memory, game and nature
 Nurit Gur-Lavy (Karni)
An artist, (a graduate of the Midrasha and the Hebrew university). Nurit Draws her immediate vicinity and refers to issues in the public and local domain. Her painting range from realistic and expressive, to lyrical and concise.
 Paula Benveniste
An English born, multi-media artist, living in Israel. the challenge and struggle to find identity as an artist, as an Israeli, as herself, is recorded in her works, along with joyous adventure and experiments.
 Irit Rabinowits
Richly colored paintings which corresponds to Israeli art in the 20s and are influenced by Mediterranean ornamentation.
 Hagit kazinitz
Multidisciplinary artist, in which the environment is key to her work.
 Haya Graetz Ran
A contemporary Israeli artist, paints figurative paintings that are based on private and anonymous posed photographs. In her artistic action she creates images of girls and maturing girls that relate to the history of the Israeli society
  Yossi Waxman
Artist, writer and designer. His works plasticity and psychological observation considerable literary man, animal and nature. His books have won awards and he lives and works in Ein Hod.
 Sara Lipkin
Painter. The main themes of her paintings are landscapes and fields of the land of Israel. The landscapes are painted in acrylic colors on large-size canvas.
 Hadas Levi
A painter, graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art. Her website features works from recent years
 Odelia Elhanani
Presents paintings, sculptures and installation. M.A graduate of Tel Aviv university in art history and 'Basis' school of sculpture. Her Paintings and installations live on the line between the abstract and the concrete, careful planning and free spontaneity
 Bella Layosh
Bella is a painter born in Germany. Her works deal with the Holocaust, memories from lost world, personal processes that touch on Jewish tradition, and the Kabbalah
 Batia Magal
Fine art oil paintings, engravings and print
 Amnon David Ar
Ar paints and draws his surrounds – both the people and everyday objects he finds around him in Tel Aviv. He does this, with a realist technique, often preferring to paint objects which are worn, rather than pristine.
 Inna Davidovich
Focuses mainly on watercolor painting. Her work is characterized by a figurative-lyrical style with a touch of surrealism and fantasy.
 Daniella Klausner
Daniella presents paintings and prints in mixed media technique, through which she reflects her personal inner world in an intimate and associative manner. Her connection to nature, origins and heritage and her reference to the social/political situation are evidenced in her works
 Lia Kaufman
An autodidactic artist, creates mainly painting and drawing. Kaufman draws her the ideas from looking at the concrete world and translates their essence into drawings or painting.
  Avivit Ballas Baranes
artist - painting, drawing, installation and writing. Deals with the relationships between culture and the history of the place, language and personal identity.
 Gita Levy
Paints in abstract, sometimes combining figurative elements, in rich colors that express feelings and mood.
 Yael Balaban
Pieces are a cross between sculpting , drawing and the artist life. Yalel developed a unique Spiral drawing genre.
 Shlomi Nahmani
An artist who works in the dry etching technique - the most basic method of all etching techniques and at the same time difficult and demanding. Nahmani works combine the landscape of his childhood, the city of Jerusalem, the tension between urbanism and the nature of the Land of Israel.
 Etti Tour
Etti Tour was born in Jerusalem, where the roots of her work lay: "Wild fields with flowing meadows, with the occasional church bell ringing coming from the nearby Ein Karem... I wondered dreamingly within this magical scenery, fresh scents and wide open fields ... I started to draw and since then .... I never stopped."
An autodidactic artist in the field of contemporary art. The abstract works shows philosophical and mystical view. The site offers a selection of works, and exposed inspiring texts by the artist.
 Carmit Weizman
Deals with issues of existential situations, the mysterious life and death, conflicts and connections in the human psyche and reality as a whole. It creates a wide variety of materials, including industrial materials and various mediums - drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and video art.
 Niva Harsgor Hendin
The myth of Garden of Eden is a key motif in the work of Niva Harsgor Nadin . The artist parallels the biblical story as it was phrased and articulated in the western art with the Israeli public and individual mundane
 Aya Chowers
Through my art and paintings, a rich inner world of unlimited emotions and feelings is expressed. Motion and unrest are evident, hinting at a process of being lost and found again, manifesting in colors and complex abstraction. The spectator is invited to join me in a journey of survival and hope.
 Arik Ventura
His works are "imaginary stories" influenced by landscapes of the Land of Israel and parallel naïve art/children's paintings. Works in mixed media on canvas or on wood.
 Ghenadie Sont
Paintings are characterized by "Ella Prima" style and contemporary realism. Gennady creates a collection of paintings based on stories dealing with identity issues.
 Tova Lotan
A contemporary painter and photographer, works in Tel Aviv. Topics covered in her work relates to identity, the herd, vision and more.
 Sima levin
A multidisciplinary artist dealing with realistic painting and drawing, etching, porcelain sculpture and installations in various materials: paper, glass and metal Sima's works are connected to the consciousness of collective time and the space of personal memory. Above the fractions of reality represented in her work there is a whole world of fantasy and imagination.
 Adva Karni
The artist exploresthe concept of the family through realistic painting, on the basis of different compositions, watching typical families and relationships. She observes life, and work with photography and a computer along with watercolor on paper and oil paintings on canvas or wood.
 Rachel Ben Sira
The artist's works comprise distinct cycles based on interconnected fragments and motifs that form complex structures, alternating between figurative and abstract. A part of her creative work is design of poetry books.
 Ronit Gurewitz
Figurative artist who paints with different techniques. Her works are related to her life and talk about issues such as family, relationships, body and Self-Image. Ronitis a Bezalel graduate, she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, and even curated a number of exhibitions.
 Diego Goldfarb
An impressionist painter inspired by the Golan Height scenery. Creates, shows his works and delivers personal painting workshops in his local studio in Nimrod
 Nava Porat
Nava Porat expresses herself artistically in etchings, silkscreens, drawings, naïve art and photorealistic paintings. She focuses in her paintings in the fat female body, for its beauty, joy, aesthetics, humor and erotica.
 Dan Birenboim
Dan Birenboim’s studies in architecture art , and his subsequent work in Israel as an artist, curator, and urban planner inform his art practice. Frequently focusing on trees, parks, power-lines, ravens and forests, these motifs are woven into a dialogue of the greening of urban space, or the forest as a “green lung".
 Ruth Schetzman
Keeping fresh impression on what is in front of her eyes, she deals with relationships between the model to the space it occupies in terms of shape, color, and tone. Although she paints from nature, she treats her compositions as abstract paintings.
 Idit Goldzweig
A multidisciplinary artist. a graduate of Oranim Art Institute. Idit works with photography, painting and sculpture - "Light and Matter, a creative and meaningful encounter between the two"
 Mazalit Chezrony-Tabib
Multidisciplinary artist. Her art deals with the topic of nationalism and her private household
 Netta Lieber Sheffer
Neta Lieber's paintings deal with the visual interpretation of the concept of memory. This is a type of painting that aims to validate the elusiveness of time while recreating it using lines, and colors
 Drorit Amitai Dror
Drorit Amitai-Dror, an Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Her works range from semi-figurative to abstraction and describe mood, imaginary reality, thoughts and memories.
 Shoshana Eden
Shoshana Eden (1917-2002)is a painter who painted her childhood memories of a shtetl in Poland. The paintings show the shtetl from a young girl's point of view, and they offer a unique look at a long gone world.
 Dana Shaban
Dana Shaban creates abstract paintings endowed with strong, intuitive movement and flow
 Gila Russo-Zimet
artist and researcher, works in Tel Aviv. Graduate Avni Institute. Her works are exhibited in Israel and abroad. Topics covered her works are a dialogue between the inner world: feelings, emotions, smells, thoughts and memories, and everyday space.
 Renana Lev
Contemporary artist who deals mostly with abstract painting. With bright colors and vibrant brush movement she expresses a special connection to the world around her. Her paintings come from a sensitive deep insight into everyday life which merge changes, people and objects that create the differences.
 Miriam Dauber
Painting, color, fantasy and humor. Miriam Dauber creates exceptional paintings – strange, picturesque – that seemingly belong to the long gone world of the Baroque. Miriam Dauber's sarcastic brush featuring picturesque characters, and precise drawings rich in detail
 Mirit Chervinski
Abstract paintings and drawings using paper and collage made out of variety of sources such as threads, yarn and reproductions of still life paintings. The painting process combines different techniques and takes place on the continuum between spontaneity and planning.
 Assaf Rodriguez
Painter, Artist and creator, lives in Megiddo. Figurative drawing and painting in various mediums including coal oil and wood, through experiential observation of Israel's landscapes.
 Noa ARbel
Noa Arbel is inspired by desolated urban places, open nature and cloudy skies. She has started by painting New York cityscapes and Plein Air Maryland landscapes, and continued with local Israeli landscapes. Using a rich palette of colors and textures, her paintings merge abstract and representational approaches.
 Lubov Meshulam Lemkovich
Meshulam Lemkovich creates classical oil painting: Landscapes, still life and portraits. Her work presents a timeless visuality and a classic approach.
 Shoshanna Givon
Etching and screen print. works make use of photography, etching, and screen printing on different materials: paper, hemp and textiles
 Shulamit Near
Drawing in oil paintings, paintings in long processes, looking at the landscape of Eretz Israel.
 Doron Wolf
realistic painter whose work focus on classical themes such as portraits and still life with a contemporary perspectives to light and the relationship between painting and photography
 Anna Fromchenko
Explores the way we perceive and are affected by icons of power and are motivated by a political-critical thinking. Each of my works is inspired by a specific event or persona. Paints primarily in series, using ink and acrylic on large canvases.
 Ofra Friedland
Contemporary Israeli artist. Works in a wide range of media - oils, murals, tapestry, ceramics, wood, and sculpture. Frequently inspired by Biblical subjects
  Rafael Salem
Refael's paintings deal with the connection between the physical and emotional plains, poetical and intimate. Naïve, boyish figures faced with Mother Nature in situations that both emphasizes their beauty and implies on their vulnerability and fragileness. His work is influenced by poetry and literature, fairy tales and youth adventure tales.
 Eyal Segal
A multidisciplinary, autodidact artist. In his work, Segal refers to space not only as a place to open dialog with his audience, but also as a tool for self investigation through memory and heritage
 Eliahou Eric Bokobza
Eliahou Eric Bokobza, who lives in Tel Aviv. In his colorful paintings he deals with issues of Zionism, family conventions, militarism, orientalism, and nationalism.
 Daniella Meller
A multidisciplinary artist, her work reflects the influence of her surroundings, the Negev
 Miri hoffman-kassif
Contemporary art. Draws oil paintings on cloth and prints. Uses a technique of wood cutting and netting prints. The site display several series characteristic of different phases in the artist work.
 Ronen Siman Tov
Painting is for Ronen a medium, a tool and a language in which he reports to himself, to his close circle and to the occasional viewer- about the world in which he lives and operates and about his inner world.
 Yael Margolin
Yael Margolin works in oil and acrylic, combining different and unique techniques. Her figurative paintings present strong figures, and the abstract works are rich with hues and textures.
 Naama Segal
A painter, children book illustrator and a script writer. Segal often uses industrial materials such as whitewash, wall paint, metal and wood paint. Segal applies these materials on simple plywood and the results surprise with their vividness, tenderness, and Joy.
 Rotem Reshef
Abstract paintings that are inspired by nature seen or imagined - a reflection of emotional landscapes, made with a technique that is similar to fresco
 Arik Miranda
Modern conceptual art - the pieces express a wide spectrum of concepts such as landscapes, urbanism, relationships and more.
 Yoav Brener
An autodidact painter, lives in Tel aviv, presents contemporary art
 Naomi Mendel
Mendel's practice is driven by her encounters with nature in processed form. As a continuation of the 18th Century Vanitas paintings, the artist paints everyday objects from her own contemporary time.
 Anne Rakower
Workes are influanced by nature, using mainly oil paint. Teaches Classic and intuitive Art
 Rajul Mehta
Contemporary painter. Presents unique Indian art by creating a fusion between east and west. Her work features oil painting on silk and original pigments with eastern spices
 Neta Gdalia
Lives and works in Jaffa. "Wandering around the flea market in Jaffa with a camera resulted in creating series of works that in my eyes connects to some form of recycling .stuff that got thrown away and got passed around find a new home..."
 Boaz Noy
An artist and an entrepreneur, works in his studio in Downtown Haifa. In his work with oil, Noy ties the low and mundane, together the sublime
 Ora Haim
Bezalel graduate painter, exhibiting works of oil, watercolor and drawing.
 Hana Jaeger
Hana lives and works in Tel Aviv. Her work calls for thinking about the peeping experience of the painting
 Suly Bornstein Wolff
Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Works interlaces the heritage of her country of birth with her impressions of Israel
 Matan Ben-Tolila
Israeli painter. His paintings describe large-sized landscapes, containing mostly temporary structures, questioning the strength and validity of the medium of painting itself.
 Shirley Waisman and Eli Tsuchida
Illustration and Art. Graduated Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Shirley is a children book illustrator and Eli is a game designer for Playstation
 Patricia Abramovich
An artist who searches the freedom to create with no boundaries, to express the diversity of color from which the human soul is composed. For Patricia, spreading color across a canvas is a means of meditation; to connect with her inner self
 Ehud Ben-Hur
Drawing and painting works of the self-taught artist, Ehud Ben-Hur. The works are full of imagination and emotion, and were inspired by journeys from Jerusalem, down the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea, and influenced by events and processes in life.
 Sara Ehrlich
Contemporary artist's personal website. Expressive paintings in rich colors on canvas and paper. Elements of mystery, symbolism and personal subjects
 Avital Cnaani
Cnaani's works are situated along the axis between sculpture to painting and drawing, and examines the relationship between them. Her images relate to ancient animals, wild plants, the human body and soil.
 Igal Ram
Igal Ram, born 1974 in Israel, Igal draw and sketch on and off roughly since I was 5, but have taken up painting only recently. Most of his latest works are outdoors ("en pleinair"), with pastels or oils, featuring the light, the people and the landscapes of Tel Aviv, where he lives
 Elad Rosen
Elad Rosen's large and colorful paintings express slapstick, humor and a sense of what can possibly perceived as a caricature of anxiety. The virtual domain of old computer games, art history and comics are used as reference points for the construction of mixed compositions and selected images.
 Tamar Dubrovsky
Tamar Dubrovsky creates painting, sculpture, mixed-Media, installations and video-art. Her expressive works make the viewer feel swallowed up in them and find himself in a different world
 Aviva Beigel
The impressive installations of the artist Aviva Beigel, combines texture and colorfulness, creating a unique rhythm of form and contents


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