Untitled / Zahava Lupo

Untitled / Zahava Lupo

Original Work

Oil on canvas

90 * 70 cm

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About Zahava Lupo

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Born in 1948, lives and works in Israel.

Zahava Lupo painter abstract, emerges from the world of music (graduate of the Academy of Music in Tel Aviv) and brought into creation tools from the spiritual world rich it. Structure piece plastic structure counterpoint to the musical and dynamic movement within the piece is like a musical movement, this time replacing the characters, color, a stain, drawing and collage.

Simplified creation but would always ideological basis. Sometimes out of current affairs, often from the rich associative experiential world of the artist and not a pure idea of ??art. Base oil color creation and registration, but never just. Materials taken from the work environment available: newspapers, paper, rice paper, gold leaf, silver and copper, fashion fabrics, orders, vocals and its caption and other artists are integrated into the work. Works complex problems with depth and times to three-dimensional sense. On the one hand airiness and deep textual, spiritual, philosophical, and always touching really carries the artist.

Goldilocks graduated from the Avni Institute for painting. Her works are in private and public collections in Israel and abroad. 1993 was one of the four Israeli artists selected by the Austrian Cultural Center joint art project of Israel Austria.

In 1998 represented Israel in the city of Bursa in Turkey, exhibition and represents the twin town in Israel - Herzliya celebrating 75 years of independence of Turkey.

Participated in more creative projects and many others took part in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

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