Museum on the seam

The Museum on the Seam is a socio-political contemporary art museum located in Jerusalem. The Museum presents art as a language with no boundaries in order to raise controversial social issues for public discussion. At the center of the changing exhibitions stand the national, ethnic and economic seam lines in their local and universal contexts.
The Museum is committed to examining the social reality within our regional conflict, to advancing dialogue in the face of discord and to encouraging social responsibility that is based on what we all have in common rather than what keeps us apart.
The Museum is situated in a building constructed in 1932
While Jerusalem was divided (1948-1967), the building served as a military outpost which stood on the seam line between Israel and Jordan across from the only crossing point between the two sides of the divided city

Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-17:00 | Tuesday 14:00-20:00 | Fridays 10:00-14:00

4 Chel Handasa st, Jerusalem


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