Almond flowers / Nurit Shany

Almond flowers, 2010 / Nurit Shany

Reproduction, one from series of 20 works
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Oil on canvas

Oil On Canvas

50 * 75 cm

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About Nurit Shany

Nurit Shany was born and raised in Kibbutz Gvat (1956) and started painting at the age of 4 years old. She is now a recognized as an Israeli painter.
Being encouraged by her father, the writer Yossel Birstein, and his friend the Israeli artist Yosle Bergner, she graduated in 1984 with a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. She got married in 1979, divorced in 2004 and has two daughters.
A long side to painting, she performed as a story teller with her father Yossel Birstein during the late 90es until his death at the year2004 and created a children theatre performing as an actress.
During the end of the 20th century Nurit Shany painted abstract and expressionist paintings that are in the SBC Jerusalem collection and in other private collections. In the beginning of the 21 century she consciously changed her style to a realistic-photographic style. Her first theme was Israeli nature inspired by the rural areas in the Galilee and around Jerusalem, Where she lived. Shany chose natural objects representing Israeli nature, such as pine, oak, pine cones and flowers, creating the series 'Israeli Nature', presented in five exhibitions in various locations in Tel Aviv, and had been sold at Montefiore auction house and to private collectors.
In 2010, Shany moved to Tel Aviv and opened an independent studio creating new series of oil painting: "Waves" exhibited in two exhibitions in 2012 and sold in auction houses, and "little city stories" of the Tel Aviv sea shore scenery,  presenting them in 2014 in the Montefeiore Gallery and selling them in auction hoses, and to important private collections.
Recently She is working on a new series of reflections in city ponds and an exhibition of “imagined reality that capture moments of human expression around the maim cities of the world.
She is now happily living and painting in her independent studio in Tel Aviv.

Biography - Nurit Shany

Born and lived in kibbutz Gvat
BfA degree in the Bezalel academy, Jerusalem
1998-2011 Painting in Jerusalem
2011-2014 painting in Tel Aviv

Landscapes- Raanana, Israel
Group exhibition Artist house- Jerusalem, Israel
Desert Landscapes- Sdee Boker University institute, Israel
Black & White – Jerusalem Artist House – Kiriat gat theatre, Israel
Israeli People ,YMCA gallery- Jerusalem, Israel
'Traces'-  The Morasha  Art  school gallery – Jerusalem, Israel
Exhibition on the run- cross country- Omanut La'aam, Israel 
'People' -  Ort Brande Gallery, Karmiel, Israel
A 100 community art works in various institutes in Jerusalem created 1997-2004,
funded by the "Partnership 2000 " Jerusalem-New York 
 Intifada"- the Israeli galley In NY"
 Women-   in Jerusalem Rstorants
 Shop windows- The JCS offices in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv 30 works in the collection
 Decoration – The  Ein Hod gallery
 Barriers- the Jerusalem Theatre
 Chakra – the Kumkum gallery restaurant , Jerusalem.
Three religions- the Prima hotel- Jerusalem
A shade on the wall-El kara Gallery - Daliat El Karmel- Curator, Salah El Kara 
Earth- the Bar Ilan University – Curator Gui Olami
Plant Pots – Binyamina , Cuator Dorit Talmon 
The song of weeds- Leonardo Gallery, Tel Aviv- Curator, Miriam Bitma 
Israeli Summer – the Prima hotel Gallery – Tel Aviv –Curator, Nurit Tenne 
Trees – the Avenue Center – Jan 2010
Waves- Tel aviv Dimmona art canter- curates by Adi yekutieli- Dec 2010
Jaffa sea shore – the Jaffa saloon of arts- Tel Aviv- Permanent exhibition- 2011-2014
People at the sea shore- group exhibition Montefeiore gallery- Tel Aviv- 2013-14
The collors of the sea- the Montefeiore gallery Tel-Aviv
Galleries in Tel Aviv
The Jaffa salon gallery, Jaffa Tel Aviv
Montefeiore auction house Gallery
Art&Twist auction
The art market Gallery

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