Untitled / Hagit kazinitz

Untitled / Hagit kazinitz

Reproduction, one from series of 20 works
* Work delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist and numbering

Mixed technique on plywood

60 * 60 cm

   Additional sizes are avilable, contact us

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Paper print - frame with Passepartout
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About Hagit kazinitz

A multidisciplinary artist, Graduated the Beit-Berl Art institute (HaMidrasha). I mainly make painting on canvas and mixed media on paper, installation pieces made out of concret and contains text and more.

"My work describes Urban landscapes and layers of nature, painted in the range of in between the realistic and abstract in the fine line of what there is and nothingness, with the hidden influence on creation and the under currents of consciousness.

The narrative that drives my works brings up questions about our borderline existence between reality and fiction. The works live on the seams between what is broken and woven anew, between vulnerability and strength. I aim to raise to the surface the power of that which is hidden.

Biography - Hagit kazinitz


Solo Exhibitions

2017  "Secret", Colorida art gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2017  "Chaos and Nothingness", Artist wall, Art Space Tel-Aviv.

2017  "Fields of Air", Azul Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2015  " Under the surface", The Municipal Art Gallery, Ramat Hasharon.

2010  "Mystical Moments", the Jerusalem Theater,Jerusalem.

2010  "Rhythm" The Israeli opera house, Tel Aviv.

2009  "Poem. Revelation. Myth" Saluna, Jaffa.

2008  "Meeting point", The Tel aviv Cinematic, Tel aviv.


Selected Group Exhibitions


2017  " Self-Knowledge", Sara Erman Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2016  "9 Artist's walls" – Text, Art Space Tlv', Tel Aviv

2016  "Iran Iran" Key college gallery, Beer-sheba

2015 " Fasade" Central Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2015  "Artist Wall X9", Art Space Tlv', Tel Aviv

2015  "No Man's Land", The Central  Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014 "A Format" Art space TLV, Tel Aviv

2014   "Identity wipe Art event", Inspiration residence, Biqat kinorot

2013 "Eye language" Diagelev gallery, Tel Aviv

2013 "Black" Tel Aviv-Ayelet Hasahar gallery, kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar

2009 "the art of reconciliation" the municipality gallery of Givataim

2008 "Growth", Eschoil Pais, Ohel Shaem,Ramat Gan

2008 "The art of reconciliation", National Jewish museum,Washington US


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