Red Glory / Anna Fromchenko

Red Glory / Anna Fromchenko

Reproduction, one from series of 20 works
* Work delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist and numbering

90 * 60 cm

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About Anna Fromchenko

Living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. I paint primarily in series, using ink and acrylic on large canvases. My work explores the way we perceive and are affected by icons of power and are motivated by a political-critical thinking. Each of my works is inspired by a specific event or persona. I seek to explore the metaphysical power of objects or persons through manipulations of composition, color, and size. An image that at first glance looks banal is transformed into the sublime, spiritual and mythological, yet I want the paintings to hold onto their own expressiveness.

Biography - Anna Fromchenko



1973-1976     B.A. Studies in Art History, Cinema and Television, Tel Aviv University 

1970-1973     Painting Studies under Prof. Arie Margoshilski, Kalisher School of Art, Tel Aviv


Solo Exhibitions


2015   “Heart. Object”, Artspace, Tel Aviv, duo exhibition with artist Daniel Feldhacker, curator: Sari Golan

2012   “Not Disappearing”, Peila Gallery, Jaffa, Israel, curator: Sari Golan


Group Exhibitions


2016   “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016    "Freshpaint" 8, Florentin 45, curators:  Gilat Nadivi & Vera Pilpoul

2016     Live Your Dreams, Artemisia gallery, Tel Aviv

2016    “Iran Iran”, Kaye Academic College Art Gallery, Beersheba, Israel
            curator: Nir Harmat (upcoming)

2015     Levinski Library Project, Artspace, Tel Aviv, Curator: Ravit Harari

2015     Annual Exhibit, Alfred Institute for Art, Tel-Aviv

2015    “Savyon Artists' Exhibition”, Savyon Cultural Center, Israel curator: Ossi Yalon

2015    “Artist Wall”, Florentin45 Gallery, Tel Aviv, curators: Gilat Nadivi and Vera Pilpoul

2015     Opening Show of Artemisia gallery, Tel Aviv

2015    “Superwoman”, Petach Tikva Museum, Israel, curator: Sigal Kehat Krinski 

2015    “The 53rd International Show”, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California,

             curator: David A. Ross

2014    “Triangle Launching”, The Triangle - Art Space, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

2014    “Painting Forever”, Salon 96, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

2014    “Labor. Print.”, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Yael Amit

2014    “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014    “Holding”, The Spaceship Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan



Press and Publications

2015  Erev Rav, "The Vanishing General" by Dr.Ktzia Alon (Heb)

2015  Erev Rav, "Superwoman - Eros, Ethos, Tantos" by Dr. Hava Bronfeld-Stein (Heb)


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