Untitled / Shir Rolnik

Untitled / Shir Rolnik

Original Work

Mixed technique

Mixed media - oils, acrylic, gouache and canvas

100 * 80 cm

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About Shir Rolnik

As long as I can remember, I have been a creative and creating person.
 I was drawn to color and movement, to working with my hands and to the feel of the material.
I grew up in a very creative home which encouraged self-expression in any possible form.   As a result, drawing/painting was always a part of my life and served as an anchor and base during times of changes and crises in my life.
When I got older, I stopped painting. I had children and raised a family. I studied group guidance and other kinds of treatments. I started channeling and treating people, guiding them through the life process…and mostly I dealt with creating life.
Three years ago, as a result of a personal crisis, I was again drawn to this basic need and desire to create, to allow the color and movement to burst out. This time, returning to the canvas, the painting exploded out of me like a volcano, oozing uncontrollable lava, flowing in all directions. It was unavoidable.
The creating experience changed as I, myself changed.  It flowed from the desire to express, to release, to unleash an emotional overload, to heal pains within me. The passion, the inspiration, the joy, the excitement, the connection to nature all came out on the canvas.
The beginning of the current period was characterized by unending movement. Slowly, the movement became softer and more refined - flowing rather than kicking.
As my point of view changed, so did my painting.  I found myself developing with each new creation. Until today, the painting experience was very personal and private.  I had no desire to share or disclose it.
Today, I find myself in a different place, in a place that seeks to go out into the world, daring to show, to expose my artwork. I feel the need and the desire to share myself with the world, in all my many timbres and colors and through all of my love and ability.

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