Untitled / Refael Salem

Untitled / Refael Salem

Original Work

Oil on canvas

36 * 30 cm

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About Refael Salem

Refael's paintings deal with the connection between the physical and emotional plains, poetical and intimate. Naïve, boyish figures faced with Mother Nature in situations that both emphasizes their beauty and implies on their vulnerability and fragileness. His work is influenced by poetry and literature, fairy tales and youth adventure tales.

 b. 1985 Bat Yam Israel

Biography - Refael Salem




2007    Graduated from the Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

2006    Kunstakademie, Münster, Germany

Solo exhibitions


2015    “We Were Here”, Jaffa Art Salon, Tel-Aviv

2008    "Larghetto", Solo Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2007    "I miss you terribly when you're away", the Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and             Design, Jerusalem
          "Mohn und Gedächtnis", the Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design                        Jerusalem            

Selected group exhibitions


2016    “Art Wynwood”, ZK gallery, Miami, Florida 2016


2015    “Salon Hacubia 2015”, The Cube, Jerusalem

           “Why Art?”, Fresh Paint Family, Tel-Aviv


2014     “The Art to Survive”, Aza13, Tel-Aviv

                   “Both Here and There”, Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada    

             "Far & Beyond", The Mansion House, Tel-Aviv   

             "Fresh Paint- Special Edition", Meier on Rothschild, Tel-Aviv    


2012    “The Dorian Project”, Ana Cristea Gallery\ SecondGuest, New York, NY

          "Buy What You Love", The Hole, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, New York, NY

           "Glorious", Blanke Meier Evers, Bremen, Germany


2011     "What will 2012 look like", Feinberg Projects, Tel-Aviv

           "Bread and Roses 06", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

           "Day, Month, Year", Daniel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

           "Sketchbook", The Container, Tel-Aviv


2010     "Munich Contempo", Art Fair, Munich, Germany


2009     "Self Service", The Spaceship, Tel-Aviv
           "Bart Art", P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv
           "Degenerate Art", Dan Gallery, Tel-Aviv
           "Fresh Paint 02",  The Israeli Contemporary Art Fair, Tel-Aviv        
           "Mani's Haunted House", Many House, Bank-Leumi, Tel-Aviv

2008     "Fresh Paint", The Israeli Contemporary Art Fair, Tel-Aviv
           "Danfoss for young artist", Danfoss, Nordborg, Denmark
           "Nisuy Kelim 6", Bikurei Haitim, Tel-Aviv
2007     "Artik 9", The Genia Shreiber Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv
           "Bread and Roses", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv


Awards & Grants

2008     Excellency award, Bezalel, Jerusalem

2007     America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award

2006     Schneider Foundation, Bezalel, Jerusalem


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