Draw on wood in the forest / Leeor Shtainer

Draw on wood in the forest, 2018 / Leeor Shtainer

Original Work

Oil on canvas

Oil On Canvas

120 * 150 cm

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About Leeor Shtainer

The images are expressive figurative works taking place in a narrative space. The direct contact in life acts as a catalyst and frees artistic action in the mediums of the drawing and collage. The contents of my works are state of mind, situations from the external environment usually in real time, and imaginative.

Biography - Leeor Shtainer

Leeor Shtainer - Artist / Painting / Drawing / Collage
Studio address, Lavanda 2 Tel Aviv
Studies, Hamidresha Beit Berl Art college
Founded and managed '121' Art Gallery Tel Aviv

Selected exhibition

Itaka' Oranim College Gallery Curator Tali Cohen Garbuz / 2017'
'New Acquisitions' Exhibition Curator: Tzofia Dekel Caspi - Ilana Goor Museum / 2015'
''Triangle' Art Gallery Curator, Sari Golan Tel Aviv / 2015'
Obscene gesture' Leeor Shtainer vs Shahar Sarig Alfred Gallery Tel Aviv / 2014'
, Weekend' curator Hela Tadmor - Tel Aviv Museum / 2014'
'Pupa' Curator: Dr. Tali Gargir - Mshuna Gallery Tel Aviv / 2014'
'Adjusting expectations'. Solo xehib. curator Shai Azulay - Gallery 121 Tel Aviv / 2012'
'Hanging' Curator Revital Geron Silverman - Lechie Museum Tel Aviv / 2011'
Experiment Tools" Curator Carmit Blumenzon - Tammy House Tel Aviv / 2011-11
Bilingualism' Curator Raz Samira Leeor Stainer vs Gilit Fisher Gallery 121 Tel Aviv / 2010
Opportunity # 2' Curator Gandhi Tschmeister Shimon Lev, Agripas Gallery Jerusalem / 2009
Orban' curator Debbie Luzia - Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv / 2008'
'Portrait' - curator: Eldad Ziv - Ramat Gan Museum / 2007

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