Layers / Dorith Teichman

Layers , 2011 / Dorith Teichman

Original Work


This painting can be hung on two directions - as is exhibited here and 180 degrees opposite. It is a painting of depth and movement.

100 * 120 cm

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About Dorith Teichman

My perception of inner occurrences is through colour and motion. The inner movement is expressed by body movement becoming one with the paint brush, revealing the internal picture on the canvas as the painting develops, thus inner change is reflected in the art.

My art is innately connected to my life experience. Buddhist thought and the practice of meditation gave emphasis to the awareness of the “here and now”, Tai Chi and dance developed strong body and movement awareness and Jungian psychology had taken me to the depth of observing emotional phenomena while containing its opposites. All take part in the evolving of the paintings.

Biography - Dorith Teichman

Solo Exhibits:

2019 "Unfolding", Curator: Danielle Tzadak, Art Space, Tel Aviv

2017 "Breath Space", Curator: Arie Bercowitz, The Artists' House, Tel Aviv

2011 “Temporary clarity”, Carmel Academic Center, Haifa

2009 "Elusive echo", Curator: Yuval Keidar, Ehrlich Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007 "Formation", Next Gallery, Jaffa

2005 "Inner Landscape", Curator: Aviva Shemer, the New Municipal Gallery, Haifa

Group Exhibits:

2020 "Few days", Curator: Nir Haramat, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2019 International Exhibition of Art, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Annex, Kyoto, Japan

2018 "Artist Wall", Curator: Dalia Danon, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2016 "Artist Wall", Curator: Dalia Danon, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2016 Master Pieces - Contemporary Art Fair, Curator Uri Rosenbach, Rosenbach Contemporary, Jerusalem

2016 "Nearing Distances", Curators: Gilat Elkeslasi and Vera Pilpoul, Florentine Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv

2016 "Afikoman", Curator: Nir Haramat, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2016 Group Exhibit, Curator: Motti Abramowitz, Art Market, Tel Aviv

2014 "Kav Siua", Curator: Dita Liron, Hatzuk Gallery, Netanya

2013 "On the Wings of Shakti", Curator: Rachel Ziv, Hanger 2, Jaffa

2011 Urbanism in Vitkin”, Curator: Osnat Israely, Hanger for Contemporary Art, Kfar- Vitkin

2011 Auction of Israeli art for ELEM organization, New York

2009 Summer Exhibit, Curator: Sara Ehrlich, Ehrlich Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009 Tel Aviv Municipality street Exhibit "Love Art", Curator: Maayan Nevo, Tel Aviv

2009 “Yad Menachem”, Tel Aviv Harbor, Tel Aviv

1998 Nude painting, Artist House, Tel Aviv

2006 -2020 Yearly open studio events, Tel Aviv

Throughout the years and parallel to my artistic work I have been working as Therapist and have developed a unique painting workshop. 
I have a studio in Tel Aviv, am married and have two children.

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