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Born in Israel. Lipkin graduated Tel Aviv University in Philosophy and Hebrew Linguistics and an M.A. in Hebrew Linguistics as summa cum laude from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In the artistic field, to which she got almost by mistake in 2004, she is an autodidact.
The main themes in her works are the Israeli fields, mainly fields of flowers. The landscapes are presented in acrylic on large size canvasses. Her works not only burst with the colorfulness of nature, but also convey a big drama. The landscape in her painting is unmistakably Israeli: the fields of anemones, of mustard plant, the yellow feverfew, the ruins of an old Arab tree garden, rocks, a path of thorns – beats of landscape, personal and collective at the same time. These are reminders of culture and identification common to those who live here.
Lipkin takes pictures of the landscape all over Israel, later to be inspired by them. In many of her works, two photos create fields which do not exist in reality.
Lipkin held six solo exhibitions.   

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