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Inspiriation Taking Shape II / Gina gallery

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קרדיט צלם - ליהי וייס

05/04/2022 to - 24/06/2022

And again the inspiration takes shape ...
Second collaboration between Gina Gallery for International Naive Art and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design will present
Opening : Sunday, April 5, at 5:30 pm at Gina Gallery
Closing: Friday, June 24, 2022
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 12: 00-19: 00, Friday and holiday eves 10: 00-14: 00

The exhibition "Inspiration Takes Form II " is the gallery's second collaboration with the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design, at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. The previous exhibition ?Inspiration Takes Shape? opened about a week before the first closure in March 2020, and due to the epidemic did not receive the exposure that students and artists deserved to receive.
This year, as part of a toolkit course led by Jacaranda Curry, students were asked to come to Gina Gallery and choose an artist who spoke to their hearts and create a ceramic response to it.
The first meeting with the gallery was held at Bezalel, where the students received a lecture from the gallery's director, Maayan Israeli, on the definitions and characteristics of the naive genre, as well as on the essence and meaning of creating a homage (tribute). The lecture is a significant event in the world of naive art in general and in the gallery in particular, because the naive genre is known as an anti-establishment and non-academic genre, so presenting it to an audience studying art academically is an unusual step, and of course emphasizes the tension between Who are free from all limitations of "proper painting", and artists who spend many years in a thorough and in-depth study of art on its various facets.
The students' second encounter with naive art was held at the Gina Gallery. In this meeting the students could get a close impression of the wide collection displayed in it as well as talk to the gallery owner, Dan Chill about how to start his personal collection, and the process of selecting the various artists for the gallery collection after his personal acquaintance with them and their work.
In this session, the students chose one artist who attracted them to create work in response to it, and from whom they thought they could be inspired. After their selection, the students received photographs of the artist's works, so that they could get to know him thoroughly and return to look at his works as much as they wished.
Throughout the semester each of the students worked and personally interpreted the artist he inspired he created; His style, his color scheme, the attention to detail and the construction of the composition are unique to each of the artists individually. Students learned how to approach another artist's work and borrow elements from it and interpret it in a new and personal way. They learned how to transfer two-dimensional work to a tool with volume, and how the complete freedom of naive art can work with the framework and knowledge involved in making ceramic tools and tool systems - a complex thing in itself. Along with all this, throughout the semester, students also learned how to work with a gallery and how to prepare for an exhibition - something that the gallery staff hopes will align them for many years in the career they will develop.

According to the curator, Maayan Israeli: "We feel that the encounter between ceramic materiality and two-dimensional painting, between academic and didactic as well as the freshness and freshness of students at the beginning of their professional careers and artists who mostly create decades, created an artistic event that is impressive and exciting visual experience. It is also an intriguing, fascinating and instructive artistic event. "

Gina Gallery in the old north of Tel Aviv is the only gallery in the world that specializes in international naive art. In the gallery you can find works by over 200 artists, from 37 different countries.

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location - Gina gallery

Time - 05/04/2022 to - 24/06/2022

Exhibition opening - 05/04/2022

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