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COLOR IS ELEMENT - Stephen Ho / ArtMarket

הצילומים באדיבות ArtMarket

21/10/2021 to - 04/11/2021

Color is a COLOR IS ELEMENT component
Solo Exhibition by Artist Stephen Ho
Festive opening: Thursday, 21.10.2021 at 20:00
ArtMarket Gallery
Exhibition St. 3 Tel Aviv
Curator: John Herson
What is a landscape? A landscape is a dynamic power, a non-static spectacle. This is actually an event more than a play. Stephen Ho, sees and presents the visual power of the landscape in lines, shapes in pattern and color. His conception is an attempt to exhaust the pure harmony and abstraction of the iconic images. Although his approach is similar to that of pop art but with a degree of defiance.
The iconic portraits and urban imagery of pop art serve him to describe our cultural heritage. The result is visual statements that challenge our perception and the set of cultural images. Oh works on his landscapes in a similar way.
His approach to the landscape is direct, and he interprets nature as a cultural resource. It challenges our perception of the experience of nature and translates the visual impact of the landscape on us into patterns of line, color, rhythms, contrast between shades, tones and halftones to the degree of saturation of the shades.
Oh's paintings, especially the large works, offer a three-dimensional effect with a rhythm that changes with the viewer passing by the painting. The changes are subtle changes that are observed from different angles of work. Observing his works is meditative and relaxing. Together if it is full of light, movement and captivating in exclusion.
Stephen Ho is an artist of color and technique. His line, repetitive manual paint work and vibration are all perfect. The patterns of the color are mesmerizing and inspiring. The compositions are graphic descriptions of landscapes in which the flattening of the point of view creates depth with light color and rhythm.
"I think painting is a window to imagination, once you understand each color and the changes that apply to it under the influence of environment and rhythm, I find that meditative observation makes it possible to recognize the changes between color lines. Rhythm and environment color and line, complement and contrast each other to harmonious balance. Stephen Oh
Closing of the exhibition: 7.11.2021
Visiting hours at the exhibition:
Sun-Thu 10: 00-18: 00
Fridays: 09: 00-14: 00

Zen Color / Charisma of Color
A landscape is a dynamic visual force, an event rather than an appearance. Stephen Ho sees this visual force distilled in line, forms, pattern and color, pursuing the meaning of harmony; pure abstraction of iconic imagery similar in approach yet challenging to Pop Art.
Pop art uses iconic characters and urban images in describing our cultural heritage, creating visual statements, challenging our perception and cultural imagery. Ho works his landscapes with a similar directive, approaching Nature as a cultural source. He challenges our perception of Nature and translates the visual impact of a landscape into patterns of lines of color and rhythms, contrasting tones, hues, and saturation.
His paintings, in particular the large works offer a three-dimensional effect, the rhythm changing as you move along the surface of painting, subtle differences in viewing from different angles. The viewing of his works is meditative, calming and yet full of light and movement, compelling and forceful. His landscapes are epitomes of Nature's visual force; iconic, dynamic emblems.
Stephen Ho is a master of color and technique. His line, hand painted, repetitive and vibrant is perfect. The patterns of color are mesmerizing and evocative. The compositions are graphic descriptions of landscapes, flattened perspective, creating depth with color, light and rhythm.
?I think painting is a window of imagination; in the moment that you realize each color is changed by environment and rhythm, you find that you meditated in a different space between the lines of color. They are complementing and contrasting one another to become balance and harmony. ? Stephen Ho
Translated using Google translate.

location - ArtMarket
רח' התערוכה 3, תל אביב

Time - 21/10/2021 to - 04/11/2021

Exhibition opening - 21/10/2021

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