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Ika Bar / Gallery Art and About

הצילומים באדיבות Gallery Art and About

23/10/2021 to - 26/11/2021

Inside and out
Solo exhibition by artist Ika Bar
Between the dates: 23.10-26.11.2021
In the gallery: Gallery Art & About
7 Zvi Hanahal Street, Emek Hefer Industrial Area .
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Wrote at the time in his book "The Little Prince":

"She did not want to go out into the atmosphere of a wild and wrinkled world like the simple anemone flowers. Because she had a strong desire to appear in all its beauty. No wonder, then, that her hidden adornment lasted for many days."

This is the art of the artist Ika Bar: invested, courageously researched and with a lot of inner integrity - an unconventional color composition with rare symbiotics is revealed on the canvas.
The works express tremendous inner strengths, a wondrous world of stain color and shape.
Bar's significant breakthrough into the world of painting happened in 2011, after her son Itai was killed during his military service. She devoted herself and immersed herself entirely in painting .
Bar says:
"Since I started painting, I have formulated my own visual artistic language that expresses what I have been looking for over the years. Painting for me is a transition and a journey between different emotions.
Bar works from the belly, from intuition, and works in layers, constantly searching, dismantling and rebuilding. The harmony in her works is optimal.
Ikea draws an abstract. Everything around her inspires her: architecture, nature, still life, photography, textiles, design or fashion.
The paint stains in her work change shape. Sometimes they are topographic spots, sometimes lines, in soft or hard brushstrokes, or in a spatula. Sometimes, in the engraving technique, the brush strokes scratch the fabric, exposing another surface covered with a layer of paint. "There is a dialogue between me and the forms and a composition is created out of nothing," she says.
"I paint in an abstract contemporary style in acrylic paint, with brushes and spatula. Sometimes I create collages, abstract in colors that change according to my mood."
Ika Bar, a native of Jerusalem, has participated in exhibitions in Israel and around the world.
To contact us about Ikea's works on the gallery's website:
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location - Gallery Art and About
צבי הנחל 7 עמק חפר

Time - 23/10/2021 to - 26/11/2021

Exhibition opening - 23/10/2021

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