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Zohar Naveh / Gallery Art and About

הצילומים באדיבות Gallery Art and About

23/10/2021 to - 26/11/2021

Zohar Naveh - solo exhibition
Between dates :
In the gallery: Gallery Art & About
7 Zvi Hanahal Street, Emek Hefer Industrial Area .
The Walt Disney who gave us a huge world of escapism once said, "All our dreams can come true if only we had the courage to strive for them steadily ."
This is the feeling for the viewer entering Zohar Naveh's artistic world.
Naveh's inner world: emotions, feelings, her demons and the humor in which they are spiced, give a strong expression in her art.
Her great love for creation has over the years also become her livelihood as an illustrator and graphic designer.
The complex collages are also influenced by social, political, and environmental events and situations that affect her world. One of her great inspirations is text. And he appears in almost all the works.
The works are very intuitive and personal. The works have a lot of characters and creatures combined with texts and images that express feelings, sensations and thoughts even in response to external events. And there is almost always a wink and humor in the works.
She creates with a mixed technique that combines: acrylic ink, watercolors, newspaper clippings, lots of texts, and all kinds of paper clippings that she collects wherever she is in Israel and around the world.
Each collage is a whole world in itself, sometimes combining animals, messages, power and most of the time Naveh uses soft, turquoise and blue shades to soften the powerful message of the work.
As Jean-Michel Basquiat, the object of her artistic admiration, she paints from the belly rather than the head, she is intuitive and tumultuous, and refreshing in contemporary and relevant works.
The combination of Naveh's works between the naive style and the inspirational sentences she creates is integrated integrally in her works, making her art uniquely fascinating and topical.
To contact Zohar's works on the gallery's website:
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location - Gallery Art and About
רח' צבי הנחל 7 עמק חפר

Time - 23/10/2021 to - 26/11/2021

Exhibition opening - 23/10/2021

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