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Body Piece - Guy Aon / Rosenfeld Gallery

טלפון - 972-3-5229044

קרדיט צלם - באדיבות האמi וגלריה רוזנפלד, תל-אביב

07/10/2021 to - 15/11/2021

The current exhibition presents five photographic series, which correspond with techniques and technologies from the worlds of industry and digital. In the contemporary age, photography occupies a central place in everyday life, which is constantly reflected through the lens. In his works, Guy On strives to give photography a new, three-dimensional show, and to create reality and presence in the physical space for the photographic image.

In the series Awake in My Year, Guy separates the photograph from the paper using a polymeric material that contains the photographic information, and returns it as a printed image on another human body. In doing so he gets animals, movement and breathing. The digital space, computer games and social networks allow us to put on masks and filters, disguise our identity and change it. Series I've Seen This Guy Face Before making use of the inside of the game "The Sims" (The Sims) and his portrait to hide and change the identity of another entity. This series raises questions about possible applications to this practice - maintaining privacy, disrupting tracking and data collection processes, or perhaps a fashion statement that echoes the digital filtering operation.

The Wizards' Club installation, displayed in the project room (Rosie), parallels the media lie and the virtual and pulsating virtual existence arranged in another area of illusion and deception - a magic show. The images in the series are inspired by the ' Camp's culture that developed in the 1960s in the United States. 'Camp' is characterized by an extravagant and exaggerated aesthetic, which is sometimes considered tasteless and even ugly. It is precisely from the artificial and the fake that one can identify the irony and the critical position, and from the obvious lie to reveal the truth.

In the series Human Material, Guy returns to the aesthetic essence that underlies his work - the body. In these photographs, the body is used as a raw material, as an element in the composition and as a sculptural object that is subject to design and re-observation through photography and printmaking. The photograph is the product of an encounter between a photographer and those photographed in a playful situation that includes a choreography of the visible and the hidden. Most of the faces of those photographed are unidentified and sometimes there is even gender confusion. Guy is not looking for a refined aesthetic nudity ( Nude ) or a specific body that carries with it political baggage. Through visual extravagance provocative and bold color is asking nudity exposed (Naked) sharp and well engineered.

Guy Onn (b. 1986) is a photographer, plastic artist and designer who graduated from the Master's Program in Industrial Design, Bachelor of Photography at Bezalel and the Exchange Program in Slade , London. His works have been exhibited in a number of solo exhibitions in Israel and around the world, including the MoM Gallery in Hamburg, the MoCAK Museum in Warsaw, the Weizmann Institute, the Edmond de Rothschild Center, the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem Design Week, the Bezalel Photography Gallery. This is his first solo exhibition at the gallery.
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location - Rosenfeld Gallery

Time - 07/10/2021 to - 15/11/2021

Exhibition opening - 07/10/2021, שעה - 19:00

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