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Arcadia - Meir Appelfeld / Rothschild Fine Art

טלפון - +972 52 3729431

קרדיט צלם - יורם בוזגלו

07/10/2021 to - 06/11/2021

Meir Appelfeld's new exhibition presents a series of landscape paintings and a number of still life paintings made following preparatory drawings. Unlike his previous exhibitions in which the preparatory drawings were made from observing nature, this time the sketches were made from the imagination and memory.
Appelfeld maintains a creative move that was common in the past in which the preparation drawing was an intermediary between the painter's intention that can be defined as the 'inner drawing' and the 'outer drawing' which is the painting itself. The name of the exhibition is related to this practice. Arcadia is not an archaic mythological object district, but an attempt to realize by artistic means the ability to re-dream nature, through the mediation of drawing, which relies on imagination and memory. In the concept of memory there is duplication: it is a recollection of nature, and also a constant recollection of the art of the past (which can be defined as the pictorial convention). In other words, Appelfeld seeks to be faithful and act within the boundaries of what he has become and become part of his world.

Meir Appelfeld, born in Jerusalem in 1965, lives and works in Jerusalem. He lived in London for ten years, during which time he studied painting in London and completed a master's degree at the Royal Academy.
Appelfeld often exhibits in individual and group exhibitions and his paintings are in many collections in Israel and around the world.
The exhibition will open on 7.10.2021 at 20:00. And will be displayed until 6.111.2021
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location - Rothschild Fine Art

Time - 07/10/2021 to - 06/11/2021

Exhibition opening - 07/10/2020, שעה - 20:00

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