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Breaking Walls / Arthura

הצילומים באדיבות Arthura

10/09/2021 to - 30/09/2021

55 works ( painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation, illustration, poetry, cycle, mix media and more ) by 37 artists, all with physical or mental disabilities, will be displayed in the exciting exhibition that will open at Artura Gallery and provide the general public with a glimpse of The artists on life and society. The exhibition was initiated by Eldad Shushtari, 32, who himself is dealing with cerebral palsy, which is part of the treasures of Naomi Gordon-Chen, who lost her daughter in a car accident on a post-military trip, and has since devoted herself to social activities that combine art and Michal Teomi Sela. Opening event on Friday 10.9.21 at 11:00 Closing of the exhibition: 30.9.21.

Visitors to the exhibition enter through a driveway to a gallery on which will be displayed in a large way 6 works by Yair Moranel , a mental contender, of whom psychiatric medication is an integral part. Yair has shaped various characters as an expression of the mental disorders in the context of the pill boxes themselves , and not just as a consumer leaflet. This is part of his desire to express his inner world through his art, and the desire to raise social awareness of the subject: "As a mental cop, psychiatric medications are an integral part of my life. I have been on various pills and treatments for a decade to try and help my mental state. With myself, the way in which the various social circles around me perceive me, has a considerable effect on my perception of my identity of myself. "

The exhibition tells a story and the visitors to the exhibition wander around the narrative that is being built as the exhibition progresses.

The exhibition was created by a collaboration between Sostri Gallery "Arthur" and Naomi Gordon Chen and foundation "for the Ophir" - The Foundation for the creative community. The Foundation was established in memory of daughter Ophir Chen was killed on a jeep during a trip to South America and focuses on the connection between art and the community. The initiative The exhibition was born during the Corona period, following the establishment of the groundbreaking art venture of "Corner Circles", which connects artists with disabilities and art lovers through the "Corner Circles" website and commercial companies. Chen, was a golden opportunity to fulfill it.

Curator and producer of the exhibition Naomi Gordon Chen: "Over the past few months I have talked to over 100 contestants, some post-traumatic, some mentally handicapped, some IDF wounded, some born with autism, some born with cerebral palsy, Asperger's and more," says Naomi Gordon- Chen. "I was drawn to their world and discovered a wonderful world of people who face difficult disabilities alongside a society that has difficulty accommodating, accepting, listening, being patient, helping. I see the exhibition as an opportunity to create a dialogue between the population of people with disabilities and the normative society. Stimulate discourse, initiate a process of consciousness that will lead to change "

At the opening event which will take place on Friday 10.9 at 11:00, alongside a meeting with the artists, we will create a performance with the participation of those present at the event. Tali Gillen, an artist exhibiting at the exhibition, will lead the creation of the exhibition. After the opening, it will be possible to watch the joint work that will be created, as part of the exhibition itself. Gilen is an artist and social worker, dealing with physical and mental disabilities, a social activist and a partner in the fight against the stigma directed towards people with disabilities.

Participants: Orly Ovadia, Oren Raz, Eyal Molcensky, Eyal Ben Zvi, Alon Baskind, Elior Zion, Amnon Madmoni, Ariel Condor, Ariela Kress, Dorit Duke Kwan , Daniel Baharir, Tali Gillen, Yair Moranel, Yossi Uziel, Yechiel Atias , Yael Marom Shomer, Yakin Azaldeyn Arar, Kinneret Yelnik, Limor Ashkenazi, Liran Shani, Mor Shalit, Mariel Arbatman, Nili Breuer, Susanna Danan, Sigal Kessler, Saar Buchbinder, Adi Ben Porat, Amos Gazit, Rona Sofer, Ronit Shmilovitz, Shauli Nye, Shira Orenstein, Shalom Eyal Golan, Shlomo Solomon, Shani Eldar, Tahal Saad, Tamar Korem.
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location - Arthura
קמפוס רופין, כפר מונש

Time - 10/09/2021 to - 30/09/2021

Exhibition opening - 10/09/2021, שעה - 11:00

Link - https://

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