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Rustle / Zaritsky Artists House

טלפון - 03-5246685

הצילומים באדיבות Zaritsky Artists House

26/08/2021 to - 25/09/2021

The series of paintings by Ruthi Segal, displayed at the Artists' House in Tel Aviv, reveals the artist's bold coloristic abilities with remnants of expressionism and phobia, mixed with the Israeli lyrical abstract. It can be said to a large extent that Ruthi Segal creates a purely visual musical movement on canvases of various sizes, while the sound of the movement of the leaves in her wood paintings is felt in the collection of canvases displayed. Ruthi Segal's paintings are sensitive and honest, she knows how to move from realism to abstraction in the early Kandinsky spirit, phobic compositions and color spots create contrasts and connections in amorphous forms while combining remnants of figurative images of plants and trees. Ruthi Segal is an artist of pure artistic values. Her works have aesthetic joy, rich colorism, vibrating compositions and momentum. In this series of landscape paintings, one can see a free unraveling of reality in varying degrees of blurring and abstraction. This group of paintings is a celebration of line, stain and color created in the energies that pass through the brushes to the canvases in stormy and sensual brushstrokes that have a captivating vitality over time. Using her pictorial power, Ruthi Segal creates a world of a poetic and dynamic character. The colorful texture and brush movements give her paintings a vibration that simulates a musical sound that crystallizes into a harmonious composition. The brushwork and images serve as a metaphor for the cultural tradition in which the aesthetic and the sensual work side by side in a process that leads to the creation of paintings of a personal artistic nature.
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location - Zaritsky Artists House

Time - 26/08/2021 to - 25/09/2021

Exhibition opening - 26/08/2021, שעה - 19:00

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