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Signs of Light / .Artists' Home

04/08/2021 to - 28/08/2021

Positive is a volunteer photography club, founded in Kfar Saba in 2009. Every year, the members' activities end in a group exhibition to which a creative process takes place that takes place throughout the year. The club's activities create a social-professional framework that allows for inspiring meetings, expanding photography knowledge in its various fields through lectures by the best photographers in the country, experience in field workshops, work reviews, development of annual projects and presenting group exhibitions around changing topics.
Curator of the exhibition: Assaf Elbohar.
First Gallery talk: 14/8/21 at 11:00
Gallery talk Monday: 28/8/21 at 11:00
Opening hours and days:
Every Friday from 10:00 to 16:00
Every Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00
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location - .Artists' Home
רחוב גלר 4 כניסה מהחצר. כפר סבא

Time - 04/08/2021 to - 28/08/2021

Exhibition opening - 04/08/2021
60 עבודות צילום אמנותי, תלויות בגלריה יפה של בית האומנים בכפר סבא. פירות עבודה שנתית צמודה של 37 חברי פוזיטיב. עם אסף אלבוחר, צלם, מורה, אמן, מנחה ואוצר. בערב הפתיחה, ללא תקרובת, עם מסכות והרבה שמחה. בואו.

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