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Your Own Room / B.Y5 Gallery

הצילומים באדיבות B.Y5 Gallery

01/07/2021 to - 31/07/2021

Your own room / Nadia Gorenstein
Solo exhibition at B.Y5 Gallery
Curators Hagit Peleg Rotem
Opening event 8.7, 20:00
Gallery talk 17.7, at 11:30 p.m.
Photos: Nadia Gorenstein, approved for use and publication

Every woman should have her own room and her own money and a place to express herself - even if we think Virginia Woolf's words were true (the book "Your Own Room" was published in 1929) and today it is not really worth thinking about again.
Studio ownership is a declaration of independence. The use of the studio not only for works that generate a secure income, but also as a place for self-expression without a dictated agenda, is already an exercise of personal freedom.
Nadia Gorenstein is an artist, designer, multidisciplinary artist and collector of cultural and artistic objects. For many years she lived in the tension between her art and her professional definition as a designer, until in recent years she decided to realize an old dream and stop separating the designer and artist - to create loosely, without trying to put the work into settings, drawers and frames.
She made this change at the same time as leaving her home studio for her own room. Or more precisely: "My own room" - a place she founded and where she runs both her private studio and a cultural salon, which hosts workshops and professional collaborations.

"My mother always talked about how much she needed a room. As an artist, as a painter, her dream was to finally have a place and a quiet place to work. The apartment where we lived was too small, and when my brother and I grew up and left home, one could hear her metaphorical sigh of relief. Mine, "she says.
Nadia creates collage and assembly works, sculpture and installation, and at the same time she owns an independent studio for graphic design and branding. Her works stem from the need to touch hands and work physical work with the material. They combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional, computer processing (digital art), wood carving, concrete castings, ready-made combination of treated and textiles, soft sculpture and more.
It beckons to the Dada movement and surrealism but also to futurism, to the aesthetics of Japanese wabi sabi, alongside pop and kawaii. She researches materials and finds face and meaning in useful objects, period products, toys - all of which become part of her work and an amorphous collection, which spreads everywhere, creating a worldview, which is simultaneously turned in and out. An inner but also welcoming world.
The exhibition "Your Own Room" is made in the format of a Wonder Room, literally. Both in the sense of the "closet of curiosity" - the same historical bodies of knowledge, which connected art, science, tourist souvenirs and esotericism; And both in the sense of Alice or Narnia's "Wonderland" - the same reality of melting boundaries, in which imagination and fantasy, magic and purpose mix together.
Nadia copies the crowded studio into the gallery space, and presents the inseparable connection between collectibles and creation, in a multi-layered look. It allows viewers to enter not only the space, but into Nadia's world - without separating her art from her style and lifestyle.
Translated using Google translate.

location - B.Y5 Gallery
כתובת בר יוחאי 5, תל אביב ב-ד -10:00-15:00, ה - 11:00-18:00 שישי ושבת 10:00-14:00

Time - 01/07/2021 to - 31/07/2021

Exhibition opening - 08/07/2021, שעה - 20:00

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