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To touch the sky / Air Force House

הצילומים באדיבות Air Force House

02/07/2021 to - 02/08/2021

A new gallery will open at the Air Force House in Herzliya with an exhibition "Touching the Sky" that will open next month, and for the sake of optimism after the epidemic: it will deal with the issue of happiness and the possible or impossible way to it.
"The New Gallery at the Herzliya Air Force House"
It will be open to the public from the beginning of July until August 2.
Great happiness gives us a supreme feeling of ascension and touching the sky. Aristotle wondered all his life about the question of "what is happiness." The same philosopher, who is also considered by our sages to be the greatest of the wise in the world outside the Jewish world, believed that happiness could not be achieved. Since then, strings of reporters and books have dealt with the question posed by Aristotle, with no clear answer. In this exhibition, the artists and creators will try to answer this issue.
Happiness and self-satisfaction make us feel like we have touched heaven and beyond. Overcoming obstacles against all odds proves "the human spirit as the sea spirit is, the spaces will aspire and its boundaries have no end" (from the movie "Great Wednesday").
This exhibition will feature sculptures, photographs and paintings by various artists, but the result seeks to be a display of excitement and empowerment, both in overcoming obstacles and overcoming the obstacles in the body, both in the addiction to happiness caused to us from the world around us, helping others, family scenery and more. From the corona plague.
Admission to the exhibition and all events is free. Air Force House, 15 Jabotinsky St., Herzliya
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location - Air Force House
בית חיל האוויר, רח' ז'בוטינסקי 15, הרצליה

Time - 02/07/2021 to - 02/08/2021

Exhibition opening - 02/07/2021

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