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הצילומים באדיבות

15/06/2021 to - 12/07/2021

Group exhibition
In painting, photography, digital drawing, writing and patchwork
Curator of the exhibition: Rachel Ziv

The "RE Renewal" exhibition brings a creative and personal handwriting, with each participant bringing in his or her own themes, which express natural and human landscapes. The works abound in free and liberated depictions, drawn from sources and traditions from the world of art for generations, with uniqueness and independent artistic power. A language of bright colors and a restless creative temperament, a language of emotional and bold impression. It is a language that is re-created each time: it is the language of art.
The works on display are in a variety of different and surprising materials, also combined with logical thinking, imagination and fantasy. This is a personal exhibition for each of the participants, where the human and emotional connection is the heart. An exhibition that brings the artistic expressions from Israeli life and culture. This is a representative selection on topics, which are a personal identity card.
Participating artists:
Aviva Bitton Orna Kelly | Ilana Sagi Ella Ostrovsky Esti Glazer Esther Kahana Gali Glickman | Dalia Gonikman Sandy Sun | Shlomit Berkowitz Height Peter's Bags.
Translated using Google translate.

location -
רח' היצירה 3, רמת גן

Time - 15/06/2021 to - 12/07/2021

Exhibition opening - 18/06/2021, שעה - 11:00

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