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BEYOND THE VEIL / Munio Gallery Kefar Masarik

הצילומים באדיבות Munio Gallery Kefar Masarik

06/06/2021 to - 11/11/2021

"If my grandmother was a Martian martyr and during her life in Iran was wrapped in a chador as is the custom of Muslim women. (Yael uses)
Over the years an ambivalence has developed towards the wrap of the head and face, women cover their heads out of religious belief, and the secular look directed towards them marks them as oppressed. Covering women with a veil or headscarf, in Islam or Judaism, its main purpose is to maintain a woman's modesty within a masculine world. While poisoning is seen as a tool for the oppression of women by men, many Muslim feminists and Jewish religious feminists provide additional and broader interpretations of cover-up and concealment and perceive them as an option for an independent act of conscious choice by women. In 2004 a poisoning law was enacted in France banning Muslim girls from wearing the traditional head covering in schools. The Muslim population saw the law as a violation of freedom of religion and worship due to the fact that the law creates a conflict between a hegemonic national identity and the identity of an ethnic minority. The fierce opposition to the wearing of the veil in liberal democracies makes its use an act of protest among Muslim feminist women against the West. The woman's veil is one of the most symbolically charged parts of clothing, as part of modern clothing, it has provocativeness, even though it actually hides. Wearing it conveys conflicting ideas about sexuality and faith and raises a series of questions and tensions between religion and identity . In recent years we have also witnessed heated public debates around the issue of wearing the veil, perceived in Europe and the United States, as a symbol of oppression and backwardness and sometimes as a defense of privacy and moral strictness.
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location - Munio Gallery Kefar Masarik
שעות פתיחה - בתיאום מראש טלפון 052-5557271 / 0528346575

Time - 06/06/2021 to - 11/11/2021

Exhibition opening - 04/06/2021, שעה - 11:00
בתערוכה משתתפים 15 אמניות ואמנים מובילים וחשיבותה של התערוכה רב על רקע הארועים שעברנו בחודש מאי. את התערוכה יפתח ראש המועצה ומר נדים שיבן, מנהל מוז' האיסלם לשעבר.

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