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Azza Gates /

הצילומים באדיבות

13/05/2021 to - 13/06/2021

Solo exhibition for the architect of the city of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan (former) Sergio Lerman
Thursday, 13.5.2021 at 20:00
Beit HaBar Gallery, 6 Selma St., Tel Aviv
The "Gaza Gates" exhibition will be on display from mid-May to mid-June at the restored Beit HaBar Gallery at 6 Selma Street, Tel Aviv.
The exhibition deals with the gate architecture of Gaza City by the architect and artist Sergio Lerman, who is considered a leading architect in the city of Tel Aviv, served there for ten years as the city architect (and later also as the city architect Ramat Gan) and worked extensively to preserve, rehabilitate and develop various areas. Lerman's drawings, displayed in the exhibition, depict the diverse and unique gates of Gaza City under his impression and torture from 1990, a year in which he served in the reserve during the first intifada and was sent there as part of the reserve service, as a medic in an organic bomb disposal unit for Khan Yunis.
He says:
?I looked up and saw in front of me a high wall built around a house of virtues, and through it a double gate, with wondrous geometric elements, peeling colors, pure beauty.
I looked around, and felt a great urge to illustrate it, to bring it back to its glorious past, to the charming artistry within the chaos of the existing situation.
From that moment on, I began to illustrate and photograph the architecture of Gaza, the houses, the palms, the gates, the testimonies of the amazing human creation that exists everywhere.
We began to roam the entire Strip, a convoy of military vehicles, in search of beauty and excitement, and an escape from the horrible reality of everyday life, yours, the residents, and ours, the soldiers.
Today I bring you the collection of illustrations from that period, I hope the gates stand today, a testament to the ancient creation of Islamic art.
I appreciated the dedication of the staff, who risk their lives in any event, and took care of the moment of handling cases of injury and saving lives.
And in all the chaos, and the constant tension,
I saw the beauty and tranquility in this deserted and different place.
In one of the activities to dismantle the suspicious material,
We worked hard day and night to identify and dismantle suspicious packages in the open space of the Gaza Strip. "
Beauty is everywhere.
Beauty in nature, beauty in human culture.
The eyes learn to search, and discover,
The heart learns to get excited.

I see in the gates of Gaza a clean, refined beauty,
The fruit of the creation of Islamic culture,
Symmetrical, geometric,
Ancient days.

Gaza gates, where they stand,
Islands of peace, beauty and eternity,
In a world of suffering, chaos,
And inhumanity.

Gaza gates, forever and ever.
Sergio Lerman, 2021
* As part of his role as architect of the city of Tel Aviv, Lerman stopped the demolition of the Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa due to his illustrations of the neighborhood and thus saved the neighborhood
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Sergio Lerman Visiting hours at the exhibition:
Sunday-Wednesday: 10: 00-16: 00
Monday: 19: 00-22: 00
Translated using Google translate.

location -
סלמה 6 תל אביב

Time - 13/05/2021 to - 13/06/2021

Exhibition opening - 13/05/2021

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