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A Woman Makes A Woman/Strong Legs and Big Feet/Her Woman Every Woman / Ben Ami Gallery

הצילומים באדיבות Ben Ami Gallery

29/04/2021 to - 25/05/2021

Its beauty is unknown ....
Solo exhibition by the artist Nava Porat
Festive opening: Thursday, 29.4.2021 at 20:00
Ben Ami Gallery
Tel Aviv
Curator: John Herson
Paintings, Prints, Engravings Nava Porat is a painter, and a renowned printmaker, graphic designer and curator. And always an artist .
The human body and in particular the woman's body has always been a central theme in her works. Her works span thirty years of in-depth investigation and diverse techniques. She constantly challenges herself as an uncompromising artist, experimenting with different forms of learning and examining cultural, iconic and historical images of the female body. In this sense her wife is "every woman ."
Most of her recent works are painted in a naive style and they deal with a diverse selection of "ladies": sad, happy, indifferent, sensual, motherly. They are all presented in ornaments and in an aesthetic language that has brought it under control. The women in these works are clad in colorful paper with rich textures and prints, creating a mosaic of symbols and cultural images. The works are characterized by decorative and colorful adaptations of healthy women, tide and abound in positive power .
Porat's women represent the modern woman who stands by them, while contemplating contemporary saying that beauty comes in all sorts of shapes, modes and colors, and understanding that this beauty must be recognized and celebrated .
Nava's talent for prominence in her paintings is also very exciting in her engravings and prints, through which one can delve into the depths of Nava's emotional intelligence and her ability to go into details and her personal drawing line. The women in the engravings carry a living and challenging emotional charge and testify to a unique eye imprint .
Here, too, the figures have strong feet and large feet, this is a kind of recurring motif. Here we meet again Porat's talent and mastery of color, composition in drawing and technique .
The exhibition brings her best works. Nava Porat has been creating its women for several decades and they are going through a variety of styles and media techniques. But they are always high tide, have a strong presence, and are planted in the ground .
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Navah Porat
At Ben Ami Gallery
12 Hahashmal St., Tel Aviv
Gallery hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10: 00-17: 00
Friday: 10: 00-14: 00

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location - Ben Ami Gallery
החשמל 12, תל אביב

Time - 29/04/2021 to - 25/05/2021

Exhibition opening - 29/04/2021

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