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ShoeArt / City Garden Tel Aviv

קרדיט צלם - התמונות באדיבות קוסטה מגראקיס

26/04/2021 to - 25/05/2021

The exhibition ShoeArt presents: Surrealist shoe sculptures

The ShoeArt shoe store plaza will be on display in the Tel Aviv City Garden shoe exhibition, an exhibition by the Greek artist Costa Magrakis, a Tel Aviv-born Israeli born in Greece, featuring surrealistic and colorful shoe sculptures with grotesque designs that combine symbols and icons inspired by legends, mythology and cinema. The result is both dark and humorous.
The primary raw material for Magrakis' works are used shoes, from which he creates the sculptures in a special process of casting molds, which combine materials and techniques, and which also represent an ecological message. The basis for his shoe works is found by the artist on the street. He collects discarded shoes that capture his attention ("special shoes that have something to tell") and they turn into artistic sculptures after a process.

The exhibition ShoeArt will be displayed in Tel Aviv City Garden, Ibn Gvirol 71, from April 26 to May 25, 2021.

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 10: 00-20: 00. Fri - 9: 30-15: 00.

Free entrance.
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location - City Garden Tel Aviv
אבן גבירול 71, תל אביב

Time - 26/04/2021 to - 25/05/2021

Exhibition opening - 26/04/2021

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