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Leo Caillard - Hipsters in Stone / Zemack Contemporary Art

טלפון - 972 3 6915060

קרדיט צלם - Leo Caillard

09/04/2021 to - 14/05/2021

Leo Cair - Stone hipsters
Curator: Yaron Harmati

Artist Leo Kaiir (Caillard) playing with our relationship with time. Through the merging of different periods and anachronisms, it encourages us to think about the present in relation to our past. Inspired by science and contemporary social issues, he invites us to rethink our time and open up to history in order to rethink our future.

Leo Cairo was born in Paris, France in 1985. Cairo belongs to a new generation of artists that has grown against the backdrop of significant changes that have taken place since the 2000s with the rise of the digital age and the new issues that occupy society today. As a proponent of advanced technologies and science, his interests focus on the study of time and quantum physics. Eventually he decided to retire from the world of numbers and give his occupation expression through the work of art. After graduating from the Ecol de Goblins in 2008, he went on to study art history while engaging in photography and researching the field of 3D and new media.

In the second decade of the 21st century, Cairo began to create his first works that gained recognition in the art world - a series called "Art Games" that dealt with the question of the place of digital in relation to classical art displayed in museums. Shortly afterwards he created the series "Hipsters in Stone", which led to his big break in 2012. Through the gesture of dressing sculptures in the Louvre, which many might see as a humorous wink and nothing more, Cairer raises the question of our social codes and representation of ourselves as individuals.

"My work is usually organized in series. It is important for me to clearly define and think in advance about the meaning of the series before work. Series' Hipsters in stone, the idea was to put sculptures in the Louvre very clothes everyday city life characteristics. Trend H'hifstr, with beard The long, long hair, which worships the body through sport, is reminiscent of Greek characteristics? Romans embodied in sculptures.Suddenly, through clothing, our point of view changes dramatically and we can not help but see these sculptures in a different light, as modern people, bringing us back to our entry point to the stage World history . "

Since 2013, Leo Cayer has created many sculptures in the spirit of the same cross-period dialogue. He expanded the concept of marble and bronze-clad pieces of clothing through the aesthetics of classical fetters, which he changed by adding contemporary accessories. The "Hipsters in Stone" series includes these works, which soon found their place in private collections and were exhibited.

In March 2018, the artist presented a public art work he created specifically for Classical Now , alongside renowned artists such as Mark Quinn and Damien Hirst. On the occasion of the special occasion, Leo put on two huge statues at the north entrance to King's College.

His work is evolving from year to year, identifying launch points for contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and his recent exhibition at the Venice Biennale, Jeff Coons and his Gazing Balls , as well as for Olafur Eliasson and his recent works. Following this success, the artist has been invited to participate in a number of international exhibitions at the MACM (Museum), the St. Raymond Museum in Toulouse alongside Jeff Koons and Xu Jen, in Castletown (Dublin), Tubingen (Germany) and many other institutions in 2020.
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location - Zemack Contemporary Art

Time - 09/04/2021 to - 14/05/2021

Exhibition opening - 09/04/2021, שעה - 12:00

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