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Smiles from Reason - Deborah Sebaoun / Rothschild Fine Art

טלפון - +972 52 3729431

הצילומים באדיבות Rothschild Fine Art

06/04/2021 to - 08/05/2021

Rothschild Art Gallery is pleased to present Deborah Sibaun's first solo exhibition at the gallery.
Sibaun was educated in the tradition of realistic painting, but her hand gives realistic painting its own interpretation. It does not strive for a meticulous and meticulous expression of material reality but for the expression of a certain kind of mindset, to establish an intimate space between it and the viewer
Translated using Google translate.

Time - 06/04/2021 to - 08/05/2021

Exhibition opening - 06/04/2021

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