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Come Over / P8 GAL​LERY

טלפון - 050-5543485

הצילומים באדיבות P8 GAL​LERY

18/03/2021 to - 17/06/2021

We are called to come
Alma Yitzhaki
Curatorial accompaniment: Avshalom Suleiman
Alma Yitzhaki's new exhibition documents an action tailored to the dimensions of the present.
The format of the operation is simple: two men / women (or more) sit face to face on either side of a single sheet of paper,
And simultaneously record each other's portrait. The result is a two-dimensional work that defines a choreography of
A meeting, a shared stay that you pulled and the degree of tension or slackness, closeness or distance can be estimated
From the nature of the registration. The participants in the action are friends, colleagues and former students, who have been invited to the studio of
Yitzhaki for a portrait drawing session in a couple, and appear in the exhibition as co-creators who signed the works.
This move, which began as a study exercise, was charged with a new meaning with the emergence of the global epidemic in early 2020.
The virus serves as a painful, but also provocative, reminder that we have a body. While whole chunks of existence
The social are sweet to the virtual space, this body and the exchange it maintains with other bodies appear
As a rebellious remnant, who overthrows all attempts at segregation, governance and supervision.
In this reality, we are called to come is a formulation of one possible answer to the question ?what (more) is possible
to do??. This is an open proposal, to continue to hold a face-to-face meeting as an aesthetic, professional position,
Which is not separate from the political campaign. It places at its center the traditional genre of portrait drawing from observation
Because it obliges the physical space, for its rough, illiquid connections: the eye is attached to the face, which is connected
To a body, attached to a hand, moving on the paper lying on a table, on the other side of which now sits someone.
The exhibition is a placement of the collection of these one-time meetings, which took place in a different place and time, in the space of
Gallery P8 In addition, Yitzhaki presents a wall work that uses images from the drawing sessions as raw materials,
Through them she looks at the collaborative process from a new perspective.
Project participants featured in the exhibition:
Ruthi Ben Yaakov Guy Levy
Jennifer Bar-Lev Neta Lieber Sheffer
Michal Braur Galia Healy Pasternak
Gil Goren Efrat Klipstein
Natalia Zorbova Luciana Kaplon
Tal Yerushalmi Elad Rosen
Tamar Lev-On Elham Rokni

Hammer Street 1 Tel Aviv HaPatish st. Tel Aviv


Wednesday, Thursday 16: 00-20: 00 Wed.

Friday, Saturday 10: 00-14: 00 Fri, Sat.

Gallery Friday, 04/09/21 11:00

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location - P8 GAL​LERY

Time - 18/03/2021 to - 17/06/2021

Exhibition opening - 18/03/2021

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