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קרדיט צלם - בלהה זייצ'יק שומר

21/03/2021 to - 21/04/2021

A group exhibition at the Raanana Music and Arts Center
"Contrasts: Worlds of Color vs. Black and White"
Dates: 18.03.21 - 17.04.21
Curator: Bilha Zajcik-Shumer
A reception and visit to the exhibition will be held on March 24, 21,
Wednesday, between the hours of 21.00-18.30, according to the instructions of the purple character

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday, 19: 00-08: 00
Participating artists:
Orna Oscar-Girard ? Edward Almashi
Gadiel Bensmian ? Nikita Ben Ami ? Hadassah Berkowitz
Ofra Goldsobel ? Michal Goren ? Hani Gal ? Amit Glazer
Mara Gandelman ? Neta Ganor ? Irit Weinberg Peltz
Rinat Levin ? Diana Pomerantz Tzuk ? Bilha Farber
Marina Cousin ? Irish Rotrovin ? Desi Shalom Nemani
Rita Scheligold Gurevitz ? Vicky Shmueli

"Color is the keyboard, eyes are harmonies, mind is the multi-string piano.
The artist is the hand that plays, touches one keyboard or another, to bring vibration to the soul. "
Artist: Vasily Kandinsky

In our exhibition we present a series of quality artists: painters, sculptors and photographers who have gathered
From all over the country, artists have chosen art as a significant part of their lives. Also in the shade of the corona
Keep creating. Artists who were used to conveying their worldviews to the general public in a variety of ways
Creative ways - using the brush, the material, the color and the shape. For the artists
In this exhibition: the muses continue to create even when the cannons are thundering ...

The Mishkan for Music and the Arts, 2 Palmach St., Raanana. Tel. 09-7464036

Facebook event for the exhibition:
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location -
המשכן למוסיקה ואמנויות, רחוב הפלמ?ח 2, רעננה. טל: 09-7464036 שעות הפתיחה: ימים ראשון-חמישי 19.00-08:00

Time - 21/03/2021 to - 21/04/2021

Exhibition opening - 21/03/2021, שעה - 18:30
אירוע קבלת פנים וביקור בתערוכה ייערך ב24.03.21, יום רביעי, בין השעות 21.00-18.30, לפי הנחיות התו הסגול

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