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Folded / Shulamit Kopf / Zaritsky Artists House

טלפון - 03-5246685
18/02/2021 to - 13/03/2021

"Folded" / solo exhibition by artist Shulamit Kopf
Curator of the exhibition: Arie Berkovich
At the Artists' House in Tel Aviv

Shulamit Kopf's works march on the seam line between the abstract and the figurative, a kind of wall sculpture that breaks the bourgeois format of painting on canvas stretched on a wooden frame.
Koff started the series with paintings on canvas - 2 meters by a meter - of roads that meander, wander, round, meet, move away, cross each other.
Not all those who wander were lost.
Because roads and lines can fold back in space of time - a bumper began to fold the canvas, creating new encounters between the lines, a kind of wormhole.
Later, the works began to accumulate volume almost on the way to sculpture.
Kopf plays a loose, somewhat wild and unbridled game of finding out how much canvas can be stretched, not afraid to rip it off with a knife to thread another canvas through it. If already a stretched canvas, then she paints on the back, not the white.
The question that preoccupies her is a constant curiosity: "I wonder what will happen if ... if I let a sea wave flood a painting I have just painted? .. If I wrinkle the canvas wrinkle creases and hover over it with a brush dipped in black Japanese ink?"
Koff connects between the revealed and the known - the hidden and the mysterious, she reveals a tap and hides tapas on her way to the finished work.
Shulamit combines a collage of vintage photographs in black and white, some torn, laden with layers of memories.
It does not make it any easier for its viewers. Authentic artistic sincerity builds her works she is true to her feelings and creates in a direct impulsive way that emanates from her emotional worlds.
The works do not easily fall into the category, not really abstract, here is a walkway fence, here is an exhausted woman carrying a heavy load in the endless way, here is a hint of blood, no traditional painting on stretched canvas, no sculpture, no stability, maybe on the way to an installation Limits.
There is also an element of sacrifice, whole pieces of painted fabrics were hidden and sacrificed in folding.
In this exhibition, the term memory takes on a new meaning in Koff: there is a significant expression of parting from the past and pain, while constantly building new experiences.
Her works are spectacular in beauty, intriguing, mysterious, aesthetic to the eye and endowed with composition and a constant rhythm. The viewer is confronted with illusory and realistic parts at the same time, until the acceptance of the new perfection.

Yehuda Amichai wrote:.
When will we return home? Wait a little longer
, Through two points passes only one straight line?
The way of struggle is is home.

Between the dates: 18.2-13.3.2021 Translated using Google translate.

location - Zaritsky Artists House

Time - 18/02/2021 to - 13/03/2021

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