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Die Another Day, Amit Kanfi / Bar Yochai 4

הצילומים באדיבות Bar Yochai 4

11/03/2021 to - 18/03/2021

Die Another Day opens   hatch   to   His work   of   Wings   Through   Works   In variety   Types   Media   Created   In two years   Recent .

In the exhibition   Showing   Wings   Works   Starting   From my paintings   Acrylic   And spray   Color   Committee   Some   From the objects   The latter   Created .

His works   Offer   perspective   Unique   On   culture   the world   Western   Contemporary   And   Confessions   Poetic   Personal .

all   These   Prevention   readability   variability   in accordance   To the situation   The wind   The personal   of   The viewer .

Translated using Google translate.

location - Bar Yochai 4
בר יוחאי 4, תל אביב. Bar Yochai 4 , Tel Aviv

Time - 11/03/2021 to - 18/03/2021

Exhibition opening - 11/03/2021, שעה - 20:00

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