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Nude Model 1 /

הצילומים באדיבות

21/01/2021 to - 31/08/2021

Nude Model 1 - Virtual Exhibition

Curator of the exhibition: Bilha Zajcik-Shumer. Participating artists: Nadi Beit Ptolemy, Reuven Bracha, Daniela Wortman, Michal Zakai, Chaya Tabib Saginer, David Zinman, Ruthi Kalman

To view the exhibition, click on the link (we recommend watching the exhibition via computer):

To the naked Was role central In history Art , from Greece The ancient To the Renaissance . Great The artists Describe Through him Ideals of Energy , joy Haim And inspiration , and vice versa Emotions Romantic , intimate And erotic .

Translated using Google translate.

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Time - 21/01/2021 to - 31/08/2021

Exhibition opening - 21/01/2021

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