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Haya Pascu / Debut Card - solo exhibition / Artists House Rishon LeZion

הצילומים באדיבות Artists House Rishon LeZion

02/01/2021 to - 23/01/2021

“Man is nothing but a pattern of the landscape of his homeland.”
(Man Is Nothing But…, Shaul Tchernichovsky)
 This is Haya Pascu’s first solo exhibition. During her adult life painting was always a part of Haya’s being, next to her “day job”. After her retirement, painting has become more and more central in Haya’s life and today it has become the center of her daily being. Creation is a kind of therapy for Haya’s soul; an inner fire searching for its way out. 
Haya’s artistic style is figurative, mostly realistic.  Her paintings reflect nature, situations and moments that Haya encounters in her daily life. Haya gives special and nostalgic attention to the “documentation” of markets and the personal dynamic surrounding them. Haya also takes great pleasure in “plein air” painting, thus giving a central place to landscapes and natural spaces in her paintings.                                                                       
Haya studied art years ago and has a degree in art therapy. She continues developing her artistic abilities  by taking part in master classes and workshops given by the crème de la crème of Israeli figurative artists such as: Aram Gershuni, David Nipo, Ilya Gefter and others. 
Hanita Elizur, curator 

location - Artists House Rishon LeZion
רחוב גבעתי 17, ראשון לציון

Time - 02/01/2021 to - 23/01/2021

Exhibition opening - 02/01/2021, שעה - 19:00
בשל מגבלות הקורונה ותקנות התו הסגול - תתקיים פתיחה במשך מספר שעות 19:00-21:30.

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