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Level Up! / P8 GAL​LERY

טלפון - 050-5543485

הצילומים באדיבות P8 GAL​LERY

17/12/2020 to - 16/01/2021

Level Up!
Zohar Gottesman + Mika and Avi Milgrom

The LEVEL UP exhibition consists of two intertwined sculptural environments. One deals with governance and control systems and the other describes a fantastic, deterministic and choice-free world. Each of the environments entails a different type of movement and implies a different dramatic action and they do not necessarily coalesce into a complete coherent narrative. At the same time, both indirectly and elusively touch on contemporary and burning concrete issues.
Zohar Gottesman presents the work with a strong hand and an outstretched arm , limestone reliefs made by hand chiseling, continuing his research on ancient representations of power systems. His works, which usually range from respect to the classical sculptural tradition to criticism and humor, this time make use of Egyptian attributes. The selected scenes feature a variety of performances of the ruler abusing the little subject on crisp limestone pieces. Gottesman does not produce a historical narrative but uses the details of figures and limbs from reliefs that we are used to seeing in museums around the world. Under his hand, the ancient images become a kind of ready-made immediately in a strategy that produces a contemporary interpretation.
The work We Gotta Get Out of This Place by Mika and Avi Milgram is a romantic work that draws its inspiration from the worlds of generic images of early Japanese video games. It depicts a love story between two characters and consists of three elements - the mountain, the bridge and the building. The three elements are made of iron plates in which are inserted linticular works that produce a jerky animation, depending on the movement of the observer around it. The cold and artificial landscape in the center of the space neutralizes the intimate dimension of the encounter between the characters and strengthens the competitive and suspenseful aspect inherent in the installation.
The name of the show is drawn from the world of video games, where Level Up describes a situation where the player has accumulated enough points to pass a stage or the skill necessary for the development of his character in the game. The works on display depict characters and situations devoid of the ability to change. Even if for a moment they may seem as if they are marching towards something, in fact they are trapped in circular systems, in eternal repetition. The possibility to "step up" and change does not really exist for them, reading Level Up is impossible, it is the tragedy of the existence and melancholy of the game. Translated using Google translate.

location - P8 GAL​LERY

Time - 17/12/2020 to - 16/01/2021

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