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Not by the Dress Alone / Museum on the seam

טלפון - 02-6281278

הצילומים באדיבות Museum on the seam

17/12/2020 to - 31/03/2021

The exhibition will introduce us to images through which we will seek to learn about the garment and those who wear it.
Is it possible to use the garment to learn so much about ourselves? About our origin and economic situation, and the reality in which we live?
We often measure a person by his clothes and the clothes that surround him, instead of being measured by his values, skills and objective value.
We are immersed in a reality where the brand, price tag or trademark dictates our relationship to the environment and on the other hand our attitude towards us and ask ourselves, does the person make the garment or does the garment make the person? If so, what makes the garment so important in our lives since we first met her fig husband who happened to be on our way to heaven?
We will look at clothing as a phenomenon and as a sign that presents the gaps in society in a sub-validity and we will sail in dreams of an egalitarian society that is only getting further and further away from us. We will linger for a moment in front of the demon dance that feeds the fashion and clothing industry and in the face of the aggressive world of advertising and marketing that are constantly chasing us through competing brands and rolling billions of billions on us. We will reveal a little of the situation of this oiled machine that constantly encourages us to purchase more and more.
The fashion industry is one of the largest and most polluting industries on the planet. More than? 80% of the workers in the fashion manufacturing plants are women who work in harsh conditions and for a meager reward of only $ 3 per day. These women will never be able to afford to buy even the cheapest clothes they produce. In the United States alone, 50 tons of clothes are thrown away every year and end up in the trash.
Even if we turn our attention to a vegan fashion that is seemingly equal to every soul that is constantly evolving and does not compromise on organic materials, fair trade, workers' rights and clean production processes, it seems that only seemingly this channel is conducted in innocence with increased awareness and adherence to a green environment . In fact, the end product of this trend is far from equal to any soul. Its production costs again reverse its intentions and ultimately serve only the capable and wealthy. It turns out that even so we miss our good intentions.
American artist Barbara Krueger's work "I buy means I exist" which was worded in this way following Descartes' philosophical thought, "I think means I exist" expresses with irony and critique the mindset of modern society which emphasizes appearance rather than content. Translated using Google translate.

location - Museum on the seam

Time - 17/12/2020 to - 31/03/2021
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