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Root of 25 / Al ha-Tsuk Gallery

הצילומים באדיבות Al ha-Tsuk Gallery

18/12/2020 to - 16/01/2021

After intense and long work - each in her own studio, the group members came to their first joint exhibition.
The "Tzurala" group consists of five women artists living in the Emek Hefer area.
Each comes from a different field of art. Ruthi Sagi and Gilat Ben-Arieh curated the exhibition with great talent, patience and kindness, creating in the exhibition a connecting thread between them all, a thread that leads from one work to another, connecting their different worlds.
The exhibition includes ceramic and iron sculpture by Ora Ayalon, huge paintings by Pnina Afik, colorful ceramics by Shuli Shochat, paintings and illustrations by Limor Dan Hingali and photographs by Adi Adar.
The theme of the exhibition is roots and each of us has dealt with the theme in her own way. Some have dealt with family roots, some with national roots, organic roots, etc ..
The name of the exhibition is also a root of 25 that yields 5 (artists)


location - Al ha-Tsuk Gallery
המעפילים 19 נתניה

Time - 18/12/2020 to - 16/01/2021

Exhibition opening - 18/12/2020

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