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Untitled - Moshe Gershuni Rachel Rabinovich / Apter-Barrer Art Center Gallery

הצילומים באדיבות Apter-Barrer Art Center Gallery

01/12/2020 to - 01/02/2021

In this exhibition, which brings together the works of Moshe Gershuni (2017-1936) with those of Rachel Rabinowitz (b. 1956), surplus - that is, the same remnant in the work of art that cannot be named, heard or contained - is a central aspect.
There seems to be a surplus in every aspect of Gershuni's art space. It is evident in the breadth of his means of expression; In his variety of artistic styles over the years; And in the multiplicity of contents in his works. It is a recurring theme in the commentaries written about him and the way his personal life has been described. It also emerges as the content of his works, for example in major conceptual works from the 1970s, in which simple material carries with it great drama. "The paper looks white on the outside but inside it is black," Gershuni tears the paper and reveals its secret. The bubbling drama beneath the surface, and the conciseness with which it is hinted at, give these works superior quality.
In Gershuni, the excess is evident in its eruption, in its rise to the surface; Whereas in Rachel Rabinowitz's work, it is the process of restraint that constructs the feeling of excess.
The feeling of excess in Rabinowitz's work stems from a mismatch between artistic means of expression: watercolor and ink painting on paper, which are often associated with feelings such as lightness, airiness and ease, and Rabinowitz's way of using them, which is characterized by brevity and discipline. This is evident in the reduction of the color to a line that produces a background with a great presence. The leaks and drips are also carefully controlled. Epic and drama contained in a poetic format; A light expression that carries with it heavy weight. When staining and spreading characterize the paintings, as happens in her recent paintings, the transparency gives the image an opaque appearance; And cloudy and phosphorescent saturation characterizes them - the excess floats, or refuses to sink.

Admission is free, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, and is conditional on prior telephone coordination 04-9977150 Translated using Google translate.

location - Apter-Barrer Art Center Gallery
בן-גוריון 15, מעלות תרשיחא

Time - 01/12/2020 to - 01/02/2021
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